NCT DREAM – 1, 2, 3

Hey shawty, I see you walking over from far away
As if I’ve seen light spilling out
As if I’ve grown blind
I’m blankly and stupidly just blinking my eyes

When I’m looking at you and talk
I lose my focus again baby (if you)
Shake me up, I say a word
Baby just don’t move Continue reading “NCT DREAM – 1, 2, 3”


Nam Woo Hyun ft. Dong Woo of Infinite – I Swear

Hearing my phone ring several times, the late sunlight above my head
I need a glass of ice water, I’m so thirsty
Desire Deceit and Suspicion So Meaningless
I try rewinding the tape but I’ve done nothing wrong

I’ll admit, the very small secrets, the tense looks that were exchanged
Yes, I shook for that short 1 second
But it meant nothing, there’s only you in my heart
But with a low voice, you tell me to tell you everything Continue reading “Nam Woo Hyun ft. Dong Woo of Infinite – I Swear”