You look so exotic, are you multiracial?
Wherever we go, we’re a hot topic
They keep whispering, they don’t even know your name
But I got you, I’m a ready man
Hold tight to my arm and ride ride Continue reading BTOB – ROCK N HIPHOP (빨리 뛰어)



Oh my dear, are you leaving me? Please, why are you leaving?
Oh my dear, don’t forget me, please

Met my friends for the first time in a while for a drink
Didn’t know time was passing, drinking, then I exploded
I should be fine but why why why
The star stuck in the middle of my heart is so bright
That it hurts more at night
My heart is still covered with black magic
It’s hard to erase you but it’s so easy to write about you Continue reading BTOB – ABOUT TIME

BTOB – Just Tell Me (말만 해)

Wanna get get your your love
So tell me what what you want
Wanna get get your your love
So tell me what what you want

What do I do? Whenever I see you, my heart is about to explode
It’s the same even after time passes
I think I’ve definitely fallen for you
I can’t always stay by your side, sorry
But if you just tell me
We’re about to get dirty, forget your shyness, let’s party
Nothing my father said was wrong
Happiness from giving is greater than happiness from receiving
What’re you going to do in your room?
First, shh, there’s a lot that we have to do, we’re busy Continue reading BTOB – Just Tell Me (말만 해)


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