BOYS24 (Unit Red) – Starlight

Right Behind You Baby,
Right Behind You Baby

When the sweet darkness that stops the world comes
I open a very little crack of time
Without anyone knowing, I will take you
To this secret space of light
You are so precious to me
I will softly hold you in my arms
No words are needed
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BOYS24 (Unit Green) – Candy Shop

Let’s Go To The Candy Shop,
Let’s Go To The Candy Shop,
Let’s Go To The Candy Shop
Awaken this sleeping night, my lollipop

Turn this boring world upside down
Split up this suffocating air
The rhythm of your sinking body
It twitches, your heart starts shaking
Close your eyes and focus
Popping Popping Flavor Continue reading BOYS24 (Unit Green) – Candy Shop

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