Woo Won Jae – CASH

Cash, my work and my benz
Now I’m guilty I’m dead
Cash makes you and my pain
But I love it. I’m dead
Cash, my love and my fams
So I love u my dad
Cash loves you and my back
But bitch I hate myself Continue reading “Woo Won Jae – CASH”


Kim Na Young – I Can’t Say That (그 한마디)

The reason I’m standing at the end of this road
I came all this way without saying a single word
Because I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere, I’m getting sad

I close my eyes but I still feel it
The reason I turned away from your heart and came here
I couldn’t say a single word and I had my back turned
And I resented myself more Continue reading “Kim Na Young – I Can’t Say That (그 한마디)”