Minseo – Weird You (이상한 애)

Don’t think too much
I’m just asking
What do you think when you see me?
tell me anything

We’re probably not meant to be
You’re not even my style
It’s just my curiosity
Of wanting to know you Continue reading Minseo – Weird You (이상한 애)


Woogie ft. Loco & Hwang So Yoon) – GIRL

My sniffling nose, my hands in my pocket
From the cold air as I waited for you
I hear the sound of the guitar and when the sky gets dark
I’m letting out the same sigh as I have for years

When will this winter be over?
Doesn’t even feel like a season anymore
Our Seoul that felt like it would stop
Is spinning and spinning even brighter Continue reading Woogie ft. Loco & Hwang So Yoon) – GIRL

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