TAEMIN – Stone Heart (미로)

Not a single ray of light on this silent night
Walking and wandering alone in the darkness
Following your scent that used to fill my body
At the end of my crumbling sight
I see you who will drench my dry heart
Is that a mirage? Is it you? You’re getting farther away Continue reading TAEMIN – Stone Heart (미로)


TAEMIN – Thirsty

I’m thirsty Ah ah
Wanna just take a sip of your lips, I’m thirsty
My breathing becomes rougher, my heartbeat becomes faster
I know, You know, We know
Your moon is too beautiful to just look at

Ready, set it off
Call my name with your locked voice
In the frame of night, we’re like a painting
What words are needed tonight, come in here Continue reading TAEMIN – Thirsty

TAEMIN (ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet) – Heart Stop

I’m breathing, pointlessly
We’re in the same place but you’re in a different world
Your eyes are far away, avoiding me
Only a deep silence is clearly heard

Now heart stop beating
Feelings have stopped
You and I, heart stop beating
Feelings have cooled Continue reading TAEMIN (ft. Seulgi of Red Velvet) – Heart Stop


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