Taeyeon – Candy Cane

Your twinkling eyes resemble this street today
My heart is excited like a first kiss oh oh

Strangely, I couldn’t wait this year
And this year, the greatest Christmas present I received was you Continue reading Taeyeon – Candy Cane


Taeyeon – Let It Snow

The lights shine brightly on us tonight
I’m looking around and the whole world sparkles
Oh Merry Christmas
A melody spreads through my trembling lips
Making me dance in this magical moment

Let It Snow, you gotta,
Let It Snow
In this sweet Christmas
Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Go!
Let It Snow, you gotta, Let It Snow
Let our memories fall Continue reading Taeyeon – Let It Snow

Taeyeon – This Christmas

Tonight while the world is sleeping
And all of the children are dreaming
Snowflakes will softly be bringing
The Magic of Christmas Time

Red cotton stockings all lined up
Tinsel and lights on the tree top
Everywhere it’s all around us
The Magic of Christmas Time Continue reading Taeyeon – This Christmas


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