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Jun.K (ft. Double K) – My 20’s (나의 20대)

Hey, come to Apgu, what time? Hmm
Just eat and come, at around 5PM
Ghetto dawgs, bring all the Cheongdam trainees
They’ve been practicing 12 hours a day for one week straight
So let’s party it up this weekend
Secretly worrying that I’ll spend all my twenties practicing
But I’m gonna be who I want to become Continue reading Jun.K (ft. Double K) – My 20’s (나의 20대)


Jun.K (ft. Park Ji Min) – Why (왜)

Why do I get up early in the morning?
Why do I sleep at night?
Why does each day repeat?
We don’t know why
We don’t know why

Why do we go in the shade when the sun rises?
Why do we have umbrellas for the rain?
We don’t know why
We don’t know why Continue reading Jun.K (ft. Park Ji Min) – Why (왜)


Jun.K – Honestly (솔직히 말할게)

I don’t know how much time has passed
Or how badly I wanted to tell you this
How can I express my heart?
What kind of words can I use to reach you?

I thought we wouldn’t be anything more than friends
But why does my heart keep pounding?
I held it in as much as I could
My heart tells me not to lose it
But today, I’m in front of you Continue reading Jun.K – Honestly (솔직히 말할게)


Jun.K – Moving Day (이사하는 날)

I was so busy since yesterday
Today is the day I move into my new house

Since the morning
The busy footsteps of the moving men woke me up

One by one, traces of me are disappearing
The empty house looks awkward, my house that was so warm Continue reading Jun.K – Moving Day (이사하는 날)