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A Pink – Miracle (기적 같은 이야기)

When I open my eyes, like a dream
We’re inside of countless stars
Even when I close my eyes, like a dream
We’re looking at each other
As if time has stopped, this moment feels like it’ll last forever
You stayed with me just as you were from the start

When I quietly look at you, when I walk as I look at you
These moments felt like they would disappear
So sometimes, I was scared
But you were always a light to me, without changing

The miraculous you and the miraculous me
The moment we met
It was like a lie to me
This moment, the fact that you’re next to me
It’s like a miracle that I’ve dreamed of a long time ago

You’re looking at me and I’m looking at you
These moments become thick scents
As they wrap around us Continue reading A Pink – Miracle (기적 같은 이야기)


Jung Eun Ji – Manito (마니또)

Neatly folded paper, pretty handwriting
I can tell who wrote this right away
Because there are things like secrets
That no one else but you know

You’re so mysterious
Whenever I’m next to you
I feel so peaceful but my heart flutters
And if only I have you
Wherever I am, it’s always perfect Continue reading Jung Eun Ji – Manito (마니또)