A-Pink – I Like That Kiss

Oh I Like That Kiss

That ticklish feeling, just enough
Stop with these ambiguous gestures
My eyes keep stopping at your lips
Is it now? timing

My foolish heart
The bigger it grows, the more I dream
Come to me, blow your mind
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A-Pink – A L R I G H T

It was hard for a while
That break up hurt me a lot (it’s alright girl)
A love that I believed in so much had left
And I cried a lot too but now

Don’t worry worry, don’t worry anymore
Don’t hurry hurry, don’t need to rush
I wanna love like a person with no scars
If that’s you

I feel love, Oh love
My heart is colored blue
Alright, Alright, Baby it’s alright
Feel love, Oh love
I feel the heat like the summer sunlight
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