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Orange Caramel – Tonight (It’s Okay That’s Love OST)

My cute short hair, my thin waist
My round eyes that only look at you (eye eye)
For the first time, I want to be in love
If you leave me alone, tonight I will say (bye bye)

Get ready for my charms to blast off
Tonight (party party) just us two (beat it beat it)
You melt me with a look that makes me faint
(You softly melt me, melt me, melt me)
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Orange Caramel – Gangnam Street (강남거리)

You said you had something to say
So I dressed up and came out
And you say you want to break up
What kind of situation is this?

No wonder you rarely called
I had a bad dream last night (bad dream, bad dream)
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Orange Caramel – My Copycat (나처럼 해봐요)

Do it like me

I honestly feel like I’m going to suffocate to death
Is love supposed to be this difficult?
Do it like me
It’s not as hard as you think.
Take it one at a time.

Call at midnight before you go to sleep
Try to listen before chattering away
Occasionally play a little push and pull
Remember all the anniversaries
If you’re really in love, don’t hide it

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Orange Caramel – Abing Abing (아빙 아빙)

It’s such a hot day (you)
Are too late today (No)
It feels like I’m in a sauna
Do you wanna fight with me?
I’m sweating, hot and tired

Oh very very strawberry, throw away your stress
Kick away the summer heat with a vanilla bingsoo
Run to Baskin Robins
Shiver shiver, I can’t hold in this coolness

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