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Zion.T (ft. G-Dragon) – Complex

I wish I gained more weight
Though you like my lean frame
When I hug you, when we sleep together
When you use my arm as a pillow
For the health of your neck

I wish I was taller
Taller than the tall guys you dated
I wish my hands were bigger
But uh, that, that thing
I don’t think that needs to be bigger Continue reading Zion.T (ft. G-Dragon) – Complex


Big Bang – FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)

No I don’t wanna go too fast
Cuz nothing really lasts
I think I need some time
But I can’t get you off my mind

For the first drink
I want the strongest
Please bartender
After I shoot it down
Everyone looks pretty
I’m drooling
these ladies so loyal
Then I saw you for the first time
geez girl love me tender Continue reading Big Bang – FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)