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Crush ft. Zico – Cereal


baby, every time I see you, I can’t believe it
I know you’re having fun too (everyone’s heads is turning, turning)
Wherever you go, the spotlight is on you
I’m so jealous, I can’t help it, I need to approach you
The wifi on my body wants to connect with you tonight
so what’s your serial number? such a limited edition
i really want you to be my girlc Continue reading Crush ft. Zico – Cereal


Park Kyung (Block B) ft. SUMIN – INSTANT

Somethin’ that I that I want
Five minutes are all I need for a meal with a microwave
We weren’t gonna get married anyway
I’ll just find someone else

Even the melody I’m spitting out
What is right and
What is wrong I don’t Continue reading Park Kyung (Block B) ft. SUMIN – INSTANT


OSAKA oh yeah
The place you and I dreamt of
OSAKA yeah yeah yeah yeah

Pack your bag first
Throw it in the plane
Let’s just fly away
You don’t need to make up
Your bare face is prettier, oh yeah yeah
All day, let’s walk and go shopping, all day
Oh girl, you got style I know it
Click clack, I hear the camera shutters
But when I turned around, you were smiling Continue reading ELO ft. ZICO – OSAKA