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Boyfriend – Sorry (비공개 사과)

On a dark night
In your heart reflected by the moonlight
Is my scent remaining?
I’m nervous
Feels like your heart has set

I don’t think this is over
I’ll slowly erase all the bad memories
I’m so sorry, you say it’s ok
No no I think I can do it Continue reading Boyfriend – Sorry (비공개 사과)


Boyfriend – Never End (핑)

I turn on the TV
But everyone on screen looks like you, it’s confusing
I turn off the lights
But your face floats on the ceiling
I’m dizzy, oh no

Whenever I see something pretty, I see you
Your name is stuck on my lips and it won’t fall off
Just saying I like you is not enough
Fill in me, fill in me, fill in me
What do I do? Continue reading Boyfriend – Never End (핑)