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BTOB – Finale: Our Concert

Fill up this stage
With your overwhelming cheers
With your voice

Till this performance is over
Call my name with your voices
With your voices Continue reading BTOB – Finale: Our Concert


BTOB – Fly Away

You were like a pillar, supporting the center my reality
That place is my greenhouse, I can only grow inside of you
Bad thoughts of cowardly hiding
Keep lingering in my head

Everything fades like an old dream
Memories follow me like a cloud above my head
I can’t take it anymore
You always always on my mind Continue reading BTOB – Fly Away

BTOB – Running Into Breakup (이별을 만나다)

I met you so I met love
I met you and had so many memories
I met you and was so happy
But in the end, I’m running into this break up

I’m so sorry
I was nervous and my future was like a field of thorns
When you asked me how things were
Felt like you weren’t really asking me that
I’m so sorry
But don’t think too much of it
Because the end is obviously going to be unhappy Continue reading BTOB – Running Into Breakup (이별을 만나다)