SOBAE ft. Exy of Cosmic Girls – Homegirl

Everyone loves a good anthem
But there was one that was missin’
So you know I jump right on it
on it, own it, baybeh
Cause for us it’s never shoulda,
woulda, coulda (Oh no no)
Before you know it we went in and got it finished
(Ooh yeah yeah yeah)

Miss independent
That’s why I love them
We the down to mars chicks
make a mean breakfast
World-class flirt
when we step up on the scene and Continue reading “SOBAE ft. Exy of Cosmic Girls – Homegirl”


Exy (Cosmic Girls), Euna Kim (ft. Zia) – Love Therapy

I put “In a Relationship” on my time line
Everyone’s looking at me like they’re jealous
What’re you thinking?
When your touch brushes against me
You look somewhere else and pretend to do something else
It’s too fast
I can see right through us, it’s obvious
I don’t wanna seem timid
But I’m a so sick
You already know what I want Continue reading “Exy (Cosmic Girls), Euna Kim (ft. Zia) – Love Therapy”