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Cosmic Girls – Thawing (겨울잠)

Hurry here
Wake up my sleeping heart
I think I’ll fall asleep forever
Oh wake me up

All day, I get dizzy
At thoughts of you, chilly chilly oops
Actually, this is my first time
So I don’t want to confess first Continue reading Cosmic Girls – Thawing (겨울잠)


Cosmic Girls – Starry Moment (설레는 밤)

Every time you come closer to me, my heart goes boom boom
Feels like it’ll explode (explode)
Every time I secretly look at you, my eyes go blink
I can only see you, what do I do?

It’s so obvious, I’m so shy
When I see your smile as you look at me Continue reading Cosmic Girls – Starry Moment (설레는 밤)

Cosmic Girls – Renaissance (르네상스)

You were like a scene from a movie
Felt like time stopped, hurry and take me away
I wanna live in your world
It felt like a dream, there’s nothing more I want

Everything’s so great, I felt nervous
I was like that by myself for a long time
Worried that everything will go away
Sadness, please go away (no need to speak)
Now you and I will dance with the moon as our friend Continue reading Cosmic Girls – Renaissance (르네상스)