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Dean – instagram

I know tomorrow is coming
But I can’t let go of my phone
Sleep just isn’t coming to me, yeah
So I’m on Instagram, Instagram again

So many hotshots here
Some are on vacation
I didn’t press like
Cuz it feels like I’m the only one like this
Inside Instagram, Instagram Continue reading Dean – instagram


Dean – Run The Streets

Avoiding the gray city
keep on runnin’
keep on runnin’

When the sounds of the streets fall asleep
keep on movin’
keep on movin’

They don’t understand us
With their arms crossed
They don’t try to understand
They don’t try to listen Continue reading Dean – Run The Streets

Hangzoo (ft. Zion.T, Dean) – bestdriverZ (Show Me The Money 6)

Done with my schedule, done with this day
I’m grabbing the wheel and crossing the Haengju Bridge
Trapped in this intense city, Seoul
Struggling here then turning my steps to where my family is
I can finally breathe but at the same time, I can’t
Because I ended up being different from what I thought I’d be
Once you’re 30, you become an adult
Then you’ll be able to fly in the sky
Said the hero in my favorite comic book
But I can’t find that in me at all
Everyone’s struggling, limping
Getting worse, more sick, more busy, doing things they don’t want
I’m in there too, getting assimilated
Denying my reality of not being able to do what I want
Just gripping tightly on my poor car steering wheel Continue reading Hangzoo (ft. Zion.T, Dean) – bestdriverZ (Show Me The Money 6)

Killagramz (ft. Dean & Zico) – Where (어디) Show Me The Money 6

Where, where, where are you?
Right now, the bed is like the red carpet
Come here, over here
Turn off your phone, even your moms, yeah yeah

Where are you? I’m feeling good right now
I called you so I hope you’ll come to Rodeo
Not by force, just cuz the weather’s so nice
Let’s meet when the sun sets, I just need you to come out Continue reading Killagramz (ft. Dean & Zico) – Where (어디) Show Me The Money 6