Hwanhee ft. Jung Il Hoon of BTOB – Obvious (뻔해)

You can’t hide it, your style is already on display
Seems like you’re enjoying it, I saw your smile as you tried to hide it

So many pretty girls around me
But I keep looking at you more
If you want a reason, there really isn’t one
I just wanna know you more tonight Continue reading “Hwanhee ft. Jung Il Hoon of BTOB – Obvious (뻔해)”


Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) – Heart-Breaking (아프다) Orange Marmalade OST

I thought I’d never love or say goodbye again
When I truly believed that
Things started changing one by one

Only the traces of me trying, only the memories remain
So it hurts
Those times hurt
Memories of you

I try swallowing my tears and crying again
But I can’t keep you out
But I can’t have you either
I can’t do anything Continue reading “Hwanhee (Fly to the Sky) – Heart-Breaking (아프다) Orange Marmalade OST”