Lee Hyun Wook (Feat. Son Ho Young) – Wash And Get Ready (씻고 준비해야죠)

Just like you wear another layer of clothing in the winter
I cover our separation with time
Just like that tree that sheds the heavy burdens of the summer
You get lighter to me as well

When the first snow comes, will I forget you?
Or will my heart stay opened and forever keep you?

* I leave my tears in the ever so fragrant memories
And just like tears smear, you remain
Because you won’t ever come again
In order to smile a bit more tomorrow,
I need to clean my heart and get ready

When I suddenly think of you and your face gets faint
I memorize all our old memories again
Though I regret everyday, it’s a habit that I can’t fix
Just useless stubborness increases

When winter melts away, will I forget everything?
After I melt my heart, will I ever love another person?

* repeat

I apologize for the way I was at the end
I don’t know why I was so desperate when you said you were leaving
Because I’m a fool who doesn’t know how to love properly
I guess I didn’t know how to break up either

After time passes, a new year will come
It’s already been two winters since I’ve been alone
In order to get used to the fact that you’re not here
I need to clean out and erase up to the first day we met

* repeat

So you won’t suffer


Kim Tae Woo – Fall In Love (사랑에 빠지다) Warrior Baek Dong Soo OST

Will I be able to erase the memories?
Will I be able to cut out the lingering attachment?
The yearning and the sadness pour down on me
With my two eyes covered, I cannot escape it

The hardest thing to do in the world
The thing that I just can’t do even if I die
Is to escape from the love
That has fearfully been left by my heart

What must I do to forget you?
Please teach me
What must I do to free myself
From this deep swamp of love?

The most common words in the world
The words that give me the hardest time
The one who sadly looks far ahead
Is loving you like this

What must I do to forget you?
Please teach me
What must I do to free myself
From this deep swamp of love?

I’d rather just hurt like this
So I can’t escape forever
It’s okay, I can just hurt like this
If only I can love you
If only I can look at you
Because that will be enough for me