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GFRIEND – Rainbow

Nothing is impossible
Oh wrapping around me is a rainbow

The rain clouds that pass by
Make me become a scared child
In this harsh world, among the countless people
Where can I place my soft heart? Continue reading GFRIEND – Rainbow


GFRIEND – Summer Rain (여름비)

Like summer rain that falls
There was a love that suddenly came
Like being sleepless because of the rain
Back then, you were like that to me too

My emotions with the scent of the earth
Makes me tremble as if it’ll pour
You came closer as if you want to share that small umbrella with me
My heart pounded
Was it a miracle of a summer day? Continue reading GFRIEND – Summer Rain (여름비)

GFRIEND – Red Umbrella (빨간우산)

When I see a red umbrella
I remember that day and your face that I forgot
Suddenly, rain fell and I got drenched
But you came to me and shyly said
Wanna use this together?

The stories we shared
Underneath the umbrella
I thought we got a little closer
But like the rain that stopped
You had disappeared
And only the bright sky was there Continue reading GFRIEND – Red Umbrella (빨간우산)