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Taeyeon – Something New

Sounds above the city, trouble overflowing
People walking without time to spare
This is like a jungle, I’m zoning out with a sigh

Once I open my eyes, like a habit, I look for something new
Not knowing it’s poison, the more it overflows
Like being trapped, everyone’s dreams become the same
As we’ve turned around from the sound from really deep within Continue reading Taeyeon – Something New


Taeyeon – I’m All Ears (겨울나무)

You seem a lot of tired than yesterday
I know when I touch you
Did the wind hurt you again?

Why aren’t you saying anything?
You can be honest with me Continue reading Taeyeon – I’m All Ears (겨울나무)

Taeyeon – Christmas Without You

That first December when it unexpectedly snowed
The holidays that we spent together
That winter, we were happy with whatever we did
Our eyes held each other
All the memories with your warmth
Comes to me at the end of the cold wind
The season has come outside the window
I can’t avoid it anymore Continue reading Taeyeon – Christmas Without You