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Younha (ft. pH-1) – Hello (종이비행기)

It’s alright
Follow the wind

I’ll watch over you
So you can do it
Look, you’re already flying in the sky Continue reading Younha (ft. pH-1) – Hello (종이비행기)


Nell x Groovy Room – Today (오늘은)

I don’t really know
It’s just whatever for some reason
It’s hard to pinpoint what it is

I feel a bit sad, then I feel sorry
Then I miss you, then I hate everything Continue reading Nell x Groovy Room – Today (오늘은)

Groovy Room (ft. Ailee, Dok2) – Loyalty

I’m not your average girl
You better treat me like a lady
Oh, you know I stay loyal (Yeah)
and all I ask is the same from you
(that’s it)
you wanna link up? I need your trust
and you’re gonna need mine
if u wanna be my man
wanna be my man
you wanna link up? and get started
I’ve been waiting waiting a while
for a real man
for a real man
(oh baby I’ve) Continue reading Groovy Room (ft. Ailee, Dok2) – Loyalty