Heyne – Insomnia (잠이 오지 않아)

I can’t sleep
I’m thinking about this and that, useless thoughts
I can’t sleep

It’s past 2AM
No matter how hard I try to sleep
My thoughts keep repeating
So I’m just looking at my phone Continue reading “Heyne – Insomnia (잠이 오지 않아)”


Heyne – My Heart (내맘이)

You were engraved into my heart at first sight
Even your littlest motions are so special to me

The street I took every day now makes my heart race
I dream of the day we walk on this street together

My heart is speaking of my love
My eyes are saying, I love you, I love you, I love you
My feelings fill up my heart
Should I just tell you everything?

If my eyes coincidentally fall on you
My face turns red, I can’t lift up my head Continue reading “Heyne – My Heart (내맘이)”