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Jessi, Double K, Microdot – Thorn (가시)

Life isn’t easy, this is dedication
Many lonely nights, tears and pain, I had to face it
Patience, mama told me that I need a purpose
See me smilin’, damn that’s just on the surface

My mission, I see my vision getting clearer
I started young, now I see a woman in the mirror
My family comes first, I put that on my trust
Make it on my own, through highs and lows, I’m strong enough Continue reading Jessi, Double K, Microdot – Thorn (가시)


Flowsik ft. Jessi – Wet (젖어S)

I saw the weather report
Streams keep increasing
Waterfall flowin down
This spring water is the best
Wet wet
Wet wet
We got Jessi on the set
(Let’s get’em wet)
We getting lit, boy I’ma make it lit
Slip into your pants, I’ma make it quick
drippin down, pull my waist with a grip
The Yuna Kim of the ice, I do the ballerina split (uh)
All my bad bitches, call the shot
Like a lit cigarette I’mma, I’mma make it hot
Turn your eyes down, when you see me on the block,
I’ll show you what it feels to be on top, follow me to the roof
See me in the whip and she going down, all around
run it, run it, touch it down to the ground
hit it from the back, hundred racks on the track let it stack
she wants me to whip it, whipt it fast holler back Continue reading Flowsik ft. Jessi – Wet (젖어S)

Maniac (ft. Jessi & Jay Park) – MoneyMakerz

I got a crew full of money makers
I got a crew full of money makers
I got a crew full of money makers

Make some noise
for my crew full of money makerz
Bad Bitches around me
so we got some haters
you own really want no problem
when you see me dawg
Kneel down like you’re praying
better pray to God Continue reading Maniac (ft. Jessi & Jay Park) – MoneyMakerz