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Ju Bo Ra (Feat. San E & 1SaGain) – Let’s Start Again (우리 다시 시작해요)

Let’s start again now
Let’s start as if it was the beginning
In the end, it’s just us two
In the end, it’s just us

Let’s start again
Do I even have the right to say that?
If I show you my true feelings
Will you see that as the truth?
Because of my selfish lingering attachments
I wonder if you’ll see my attempt to rekindle our love as an annoyance
I promised not to say “let’s break  up”
But I use it again like a weapon
I placed scars upon scars on top of your heart that hasn’t even healed
How irresponsible and resentful must I have been?
(If only I can turn things back)
You just said sorry even though you did no wrongs
(If only I can turn things back)
I was stubborn at first but now I want you in my arms
(Once more to me)
If only I can tell you that I love you
If only I can say “me too” after hearing those words

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1SaGain (Feat. Ju Bora) – Just Looking At The Phone (전화기만 바라보며)

My eyelids are heavy but it’s a sleepless night
Having nothing to do, I just touch my phone
Wondering if I have anyone to call, I go through my contacts
Then, that one name that I couldn’t bear to erase catches my eye
I wonder if you’re doing well
I felt really pathetic as I looked at your name
I felt all the passing memories once again
Yes, though I know everything is over
I don’t know why I keep looking for you
I wonder when I won’t feel anything even if I see you

* I just look at the phone and wait
Do you still not know me?
The only remaining things are scars and longing
Please huge my frozen heart
In that stopped time, I smile as I wait for you to come back
One day

At one point, it hurt so much to death
But I believe that I got better, to the point where I can smile and talk about it
Like the sad song that played as I thoughtlessly switch the radio station,
I discovered you at an unexpected place
Even if time passes like yesterday
The pain is always the same
I always thought that my time would be spent next to you
I used to want to be your umbrella
But I became the rain that made you wet
I used to want to be your shoe
But now, I became someone who entraps you

I still can’t forget you
Again today, again tomorrow
I will spend all night thinking of you

I always promised that I will never let you go
Love isn’t something that revives just by one person breathing
I always promised that I will never let you go
Love isn’t something that revives just by one person breathing

* Repeat

Ju Bora (Feat.1SaGain) – Lalala (라라라)

The awkward kiss, the evening wind that brushes my cheeks
Whispering “I love you” with your red lips and your scent
I guess I loved it all
Like a print that won’t be erased
In a faraway, deep place in my heart
Tears are forming

Without even telling you that I love you
Without even telling you not to go
Lalalala I sing this song to you
The words I couldn’t say to you – love you
The words lingering in my heart – love you
This song that goes toward you – I love you
Oh I love you

Words don’t even come out now
Just by looking at your back
I feel my two eyes become red
I feel it trickling down
I guess I hated you
You, who left me for another person
I can’t forgive a person like you
But why do I miss you so much?

As I let you go, I saw your back
There was nothing I could do
I wonder where you are now
I only think of you in my song
I think of you thousands of times in a day
I wonder if you’ll come back hundrds of times a day
So my heart pounds and my cheeks grow hot
Flowing with tears – flowing as much as our memories