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Mamamoo – LOVE (Goblin OST)

Why were you in my dreams last night?
Like coincidence, we keep running into each other

I’m getting used to your indifferent way of talking
This heart fluttering feeling isn’t because I like you Continue reading Mamamoo – LOVE (Goblin OST)

Mamamoo – I Love Too (놓지 않을게)

Not being as caring after time has passed
Giving each other scars because of being comfortable
I hope that won’t happen to us
Let’s send it far away into space, ok?
You just smiled, right?

When you smile, I like it too
What other words are needed?
Wherever I go, at the thought of you
I feel safe today
If there is one thing that grows is my greed
I hope you won’t ever go far away Continue reading Mamamoo – I Love Too (놓지 않을게)