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NCT 127 – Running 2 U

See ya, last night
I had a dream of this spot
This playing melody is not coincidence
My eye contact with you, something’s different
My feet are silently getting faster
You’re the same too (let’s go) Continue reading NCT 127 – Running 2 U


NCT 127 – Summer 127

Trust your body to the handle baby
To the sea, to the sea, let it go
The waves wake me up clearly
You feel me now, You feel me right
Let it go

Turn up the volume
So my heart that flutters because of you can be hidden
It’s alright if you don’t say anything
You don’t need to be apart from me
Let’s be together, day & night Continue reading NCT 127 – Summer 127

NCT 127 – Whiplash

Wake me up with a whiplash
My baby you are like (I’ll take you away)
Palazzo Rocco, You are my antidote
lemon detox, right

Right now, all stop
My body is reacting, quickly
Shorty give me
Shorty give me
Rather than your sweet words
I need you to be honest
Shorty give me
Shorty give me
(Whip-Whiplash) Continue reading NCT 127 – Whiplash