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NU’EST W – Where You At


While you weren’t here
My heart longed for you
Now it’s bruised, black and blue
But my scarred heart doesn’t hurt
So I don’t even think about fixing it Continue reading NU’EST W – Where You At


Raina ft. Aron of NU’EST – Loop (밥 영화 카페)

When I open my eyes in the morning, good morning
It’s nice but I get tired of it (it’s boring)
The same time, the same date
Even if I dress up, it’s dinner, a movie and a cafe (typical)

I don’t expect surprises (it’s not that)
Just wondering if there is anything new (like what?)
It’s not because I don’t like you (it’s not that)
I actually want to be with you more Continue reading Raina ft. Aron of NU’EST – Loop (밥 영화 카페)

NU’EST W – If You (있다면)

If I could, if I could tell you
About my longing for you, that grows like hair
If I could, if I could see you
Your eyes, darker than the night sky

If it’s there, in the film that I’ve missed until now
If it’s there, in our past memories
I’ll dive in and swim, the scent is deeply embedded
So the emptiness becomes a boat for me Continue reading NU’EST W – If You (있다면)