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Skull, Haha, Lee Sang Bin – One Love

One love, like walking on one path, I like her
One love, she used to be sad but now she’s only smiling
Because the sadness was long and cold
One love, one love, please be happy Continue reading Skull, Haha, Lee Sang Bin – One Love


Haha & Skull (ft. G-Soul) – Nora

Even if I get sticky, the reason I won’t complain
Is cuz it’s the perfect season to play like that
Okay, right now, mi tek yuh there
I’ll take you to heaven
All the girls of the past are done
I’ll give you my wallet
I’ll make time even if I don’t have it
We need to play on a day like this Continue reading Haha & Skull (ft. G-Soul) – Nora

Skull (ft. Verbal Jint & KittiB) – CRAZY

At first, the reason I was interested was your body
Then it was your personality, I was a playboy
But now my friends talk to me like they’re worried
I know, I think I’m crazy too

Just stay right there
I’ll go to you
Don’t take out your wallet
I don’t know anything about dutch pay
we money nuff Continue reading Skull (ft. Verbal Jint & KittiB) – CRAZY