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Snuper – Dear

If I breathe on you, I’m afraid you’ll disappear
So I watched over you quietly
Seeing you in front of me, what a relief it is

You took me out of this cruel world when I was trapped in wasteful time
Whenever I open my eyes, you protected me
You cared for me more than I did Continue reading Snuper – Dear


SNUPER – Platonic Love (지켜줄게)

I guess it’s bearable
Sometimes, I even smile
There’s still no place for me
But I see an empty spot in your heart

I may be just a friend to you
But I never wanted anything
We have different walks but I’ll go with yours Continue reading SNUPER – Platonic Love (지켜줄게)

Snuper – My Girl’s Fox (내 여자의 여우짓)

Excuse me, hey girl

What are you looking at? I’m right here
To the side, to the side, your neck is turning
Ok, let’s see how handsome he is
(Let’s see)

You’re ridiculous
You’re about to drool, you’re smiling like a fool
(Are you that into him?)
You should stop (that’s enough) Continue reading Snuper – My Girl’s Fox (내 여자의 여우짓)