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Super Junior – I Do (두 번째 고백)

I took out the clothes I wore one year ago
Bought flowers that made you smile
Throughout four seasons that we spent together
We’re resembling each other now

My voice is trembling so much
I can’t even pronounce my words
I’m trying to confess once more
My heart is pounding
Like that dream-like day before Continue reading Super Junior – I Do (두 번째 고백)


Super Junior – Too Late (시간 차)

My heart is too late
Like this again, too late

This place where you stood and waited for me
How much more did we go awry?
With what heart did you turn around?
Only your long sighs are heard in the wind Continue reading Super Junior – Too Late (시간 차)

Super Junior – Girlfriend (예뻐 보여)

It’s weird, I can’t explain us with words
It’s complicated, I can’t get it straight
We’re just good friends
But I’m afraid I’ll lose you

What is this feeling? Why is my heart racing?
When you come to me and look at me
I don’t know what to do, I act so stupid
All of the playful actions now stay on my mind
Feels like something’s wrong, it’s strange babe Continue reading Super Junior – Girlfriend (예뻐 보여)