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Han Yo Han (ft. Swings) – Hook Zap 2 (훅잽이)

I’m a guitarman
My country’s top hook jab
Gather round all the ones who don’t acknowledge
And hit them with an ear bat
Once you listen to hyung’s song, you’ll get addicted
It’ll get stuck in your head
I’m a hook jab (hook hook hook)
I’m a hook jab (hook hook hook) Continue reading Han Yo Han (ft. Swings) – Hook Zap 2 (훅잽이)


Infinite H (feat. Swings, Champagne) – Sorry I’m Busy (바빠서 Sorry)

The rules that I set, a good model, an ethical amount
Don’t worry about dream n money
You will have enough sorry
The god of this part of town is me, such a busy schedule
24 hours a day isn’t enough for me, look at the scale of my songs
Past the normal point, crazy harmonies, spreading my pride in the music world
A bundle of charms that you’ve never seen before, my talents overflow
The work I’ve been given is so strange, my nickname is “Hundred Per Work”
Love and success, they never end with the push and pull
I’m a rising year of the horse, but no one else is very special
Success is best revenge, I’m the icon of success
I’ll ruin everything like Thor’s right hand so no one can stop me Continue reading Infinite H (feat. Swings, Champagne) – Sorry I’m Busy (바빠서 Sorry)

Swings – Be Right Back (다녀올게)

I was the most wanted public enemy rapper but now I’m favorable, such strange ways of the heavens
But I might do something that makes them hate me because I’m a freak but I always release killer tracks
Walk like a king and talk like a king, then I get treated like a king, understand youngins?
I’m out the cocoon, I started to fly, even though you said I was done, I hope you do well
Some people say my life is their bible, I’ll be real again, for you, who believes in me
I admit, I almost changed too man because of the casting calls and money that suddenly came in, the respect
But you can’t live off of gold man
High schoolers, I hope your innocence lasts forever
I’ve never been exempted from military service, never said I had either
Even good misunderstandings leave bitter smiles
I learned this time that respect is the most valuable
Of course I want the Armani, Givenchy, Ferrari
I’m going in now but I’m not trapped
It was hard at first but now I’ve accepted it as my fate
I’ll start from the bottom again, my senior officer is only 21
Let’s go even further, I’ll dig a cave with my shovel
I won’t fail after I get discharged Continue reading Swings – Be Right Back (다녀올게)

Swings (feat. Lim Kim) – My Ballad

On a rainy night, I took my umbrella
Sat in front of a food truck and drank
One bottle, two bottles, three bottles later
I realized I had no cigarettes so I paid and went to find bottle four

As if you’re dead, you’ve gone away
I can’t touch you or see you
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la Continue reading Swings (feat. Lim Kim) – My Ballad