The EastLight – Don't Stop

I’m going right now on my board
I won’t look back, I’ll only look forward
So when tomorrow comes, I can laugh
At all the hardships of today

Don’t stop believing, I will find my dreams
Don’t stop keep dreaming, for my future
Don’t stop the music, let’s all sing Continue reading “The EastLight – Don't Stop”


The EastLight – Are You Okay (넌 괜찮니)

How many days have passed? I keep thinking about you
Again today, as soon as I open my eyes, I’m depressed
As I look into my phone in my hands
With a hopeful heart, I want to hear from you

I text you and call you but
I don’t hear anything from you, my number’s been blocked
I try looking for your social network
But your window is closed, I can only sigh Continue reading “The EastLight – Are You Okay (넌 괜찮니)”