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(Come on baby
What you say we take off and a
Take care of that sweet tooth
Come on!)

You can’t deny me when I beckon to you
I’m falling into your eyes
Close your eyes and ears when I touch your lips
I’ll give you time that’s bittersweet like chocolate Continue reading UP10TION – CANDYLAND


UP10TION – Come Back To Me (그대 내게 다시)

Give me a chance to explain
I’m always ready to accept you
Whenever you come,
I miss you so please come back
Girl, I love you

Again today, I’m staying up all night thinking of you
My puffy eyes are welled up with tears
Memories inside those tears
Each one makes me so sad Continue reading UP10TION – Come Back To Me (그대 내게 다시)

UP10TION – Going Crazy (미치게 해)

You’re too good for that guy
I told you, no
I’ll take care of you, I’ll accept all of you
No matter what you do

No matter what anyone says
No one can stop me
Baby I don’t know
Why do you keep teasing me?
If you really don’t like me
You don’t have to look at me
But you come before me
Then you quickly disappear Continue reading UP10TION – Going Crazy (미치게 해)