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Varsity – FLOWER

What did he say this time? Tell me
What is it this time?
What do you mean it’s not a big deal?
Why are you crying then?
Your pretty face looks so upset
You trying to smile made me feel so sad Continue reading Varsity – FLOWER


Varsity – Can You Come Out Now? (지금 나올래?)

hoo (let me say)

baby baby, it’s too hot, what’re you doing?
baby baby, I can’t sleep, I’m bored
baby baby, like us, the gauge is hot
(baby hot, I can’t take it anymore)
How about a refreshing drive with me?

I’ll gift you with cool wind (baby, what do you want?)
I’ll take care of you today (I’ll take care of you)
baby, you don’t need make up
Cuz you’re pretty whatever you do
What’re you doing right now? I’ll go get you Continue reading Varsity – Can You Come Out Now? (지금 나올래?)