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VIXXLR – Today

I wanna go back to the day I met you
I feel you for a moment
I have to empty out all heart fluttering feelings and memories
And forget you, erase all of you

I have to erase all of you
I need to push you out of my mind
Your face, hands, warmth, embrace and scent
All the pictures in my phone, the numbers of the people around you
I need to erase you
Where you used to be in my heart, I need to shove myself in
I just need to do something else Continue reading VIXXLR – Today


VIXXLR – Chocolatier

Girl you look so sweet
So sweet, honey drips from your eyes
Girl you look so sweet
So sweet, like you’re filled with chocolate
Your eyes looking at me are so beautiful
You’re so hot
I’m melting
Your scent captivates me
It’s our own sweety party Continue reading VIXXLR – Chocolatier

VIXXLR – Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤에)

I need something special today
There’s no rush, you can fill me up slowly
Make the rhythm a bit thicker, deeper, movin’ on
I wanna ease into you, show how it feels

Umm How you feel how u feel woo
Like a German engine, my heart goes brrr
Even the moon rushes me, put away the drinks
Don’t wanna remember just one part
Wanna clearly remember everything
Put my phone on silent, it’s our secret, our own secret
We need a secret
I fly to you everyday Continue reading VIXXLR – Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤에)