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Ravi – Hong Gil Dong (홍길동)

Flash to the east, flash to the west
Emptying out all places with corruption
Emptying out, all of it
How dare you? Get out of the way
I hear your crimes are big

uh I go by the name of
Ra vi, I’ll cross the sea and fly
Fly through the sky to another country
I’m a Robin Hood and an executioner
The same guys can hook and jab and run away but shaky
You’re gonna get punished
My mileage is stacking up, bang bang
Every day is pay day, like a snake’s tongue
I’ll catch them all
And punish the lazy who don’t wanna work Continue reading Ravi – Hong Gil Dong (홍길동)


Ravi (VIXX) ft. ESBEE – Mobius Strip (뇌비우스의 띠)

On my bed
There’s a stage in my head
Preventing me from sleeping
I am dancing like crazy
Endless shouts
Maybe this is bringing me to a different dream

I’m thinking, I’m thinking
Then I think of another thing
Holding hands with you
Thinking of two different things
Then thinking of four different things Continue reading Ravi (VIXX) ft. ESBEE – Mobius Strip (뇌비우스의 띠)