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Wanna One – To Be One (Outro)

We’re ready to show you
How we’ve become one
We wanna pour it out with no regrets
As if each day is our last
To be one Continue reading Wanna One – To Be One (Outro)


Wanna One – Twilight

It’s too hard to turn around
Cuz I don’t wanna say goodbye every time I drop you off

It’s even more dazzling today
Sunshine (Sunshine)
No, I’m talking about you
Moonlight (Moonlight)
You shine brighter than the moon Continue reading Wanna One – Twilight

Wanna One – I Want To Have You (갖고싶어)

I want you, even your name
Your eyes, even your smallest gestures
I want to hold even your memories
Your time, all of your moments
I want to have it

My hidden feelings keep seeping out
Whenever I see you
I get so dizzy, you’re so pretty
Wanna be your love
My heart keeps saying no
But when I see you
I can’t control my heart Continue reading Wanna One – I Want To Have You (갖고싶어)