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Wanna One – Light (켜줘)

Cover me like a blanket, yeah yeah
With this endless joy, yeah yeah

When your lips are close
My heart feels like it’s about to stop
When I saw you today
The feeling of butterflies was bigger than the familiar feeling

I won’t explain with words
In case words won’t be able to show it all
I just want it to be warm
Like when your hands wrap around mine Continue reading Wanna One – Light (켜줘)


Wanna One – I’ll Remember (너의 이름을)

It’s like I’m dreaming
I’m at a familiar place
As we look at the stars
We’re always smiling

Every morning, I thought of you
As I woke up
My heart still lingers in you

Your sunny smile that allowed me to breathe
Even if I can’t see it, I can feel it Continue reading Wanna One – I’ll Remember (너의 이름을)