Ants & Sei (Weki Meki) – Just Like Me (너도 나처럼)

You said hello with a soft voice
Your voice, no, the way you talk, no
Actually, I just like you
Please know my heart

I was reviewing you and suddenly it was evening
Do you know? These days, I made it pretty obvious
For you to know how I feel
Please know my heart Continue reading “Ants & Sei (Weki Meki) – Just Like Me (너도 나처럼)”


Weki Meki – Crush

I got a feeling when I first saw you
Without even knowing, my heart started to pound
How is it like that every time I see you?
I’ve fallen into this puppy love, yeah
(Oh I I I)

Oh I I I don’t like you
Why did you appear so suddenly? I got shocked
All day, you bring me up and down
I can’t sleep at all, it’s a problem Continue reading “Weki Meki – Crush”