Knock knock, I miss you
I can’t underestimate you, I can’t have you (so sad)
Drip drip, tears fall but you’re not showing your beautiful self even once (this is too much)
She’s only cold to me, she’s a famous hwayi
Where did all the stars of Seoul go? Oh in your eyes
When you’re with him you’ll be in dystopia
If you follow my footsteps, it’ll be utopia Continue reading “MINO – FIANCÉ (아낙네)”



I’m trying so hard but you don’t know anything
Or you do know but you’re acting like you don’t

Your pretty legs are so thin
Your bangs cover your eyebrows
Your eyes are like an oasis
It captures me and won’t let go, I’m getting sick
Ain’t nobody knows
I’m singing the national anthem
Because I’m gonna regret it tomorrow
But if you’re gonna initiate
I won’t stop you Continue reading “MINO (WINNER) – TURN OFF THE LIGHT (손만 잡고 자자)”

Kang Seung Yoon & MINO – Door (문) Prison Playbook OST

Even for those who were cast away
Do they still have doors on their walls?
The world outside the window
Is it just a picture in a frame that has nothing to do with me?
Why is it that I continue to be sad
But stop right when happiness is in front of me?

I don’t know
You know that feeling you suddenly get
When you feel like the person in the mirror isn’t you
Passion, enthusiasm and desire are ripped apart and only anger remains in your face
You thought it was clear but your ego is actually burnt black Continue reading “Kang Seung Yoon & MINO – Door (문) Prison Playbook OST”