SG Wannabe – Love Rule (사랑법)

The wind blows, memories scatter
Yes, we used to be in love
A tear drops, and I choke up
Yes, we used to be in love

When happy or sad, tired or exhausted
You were always next to me

Even if love is far away
Waiting for it with the same heart
When I miss you to death, long for you so much
I will call your name, I love you

The happiest event, the best thing I did
Yes, it was loving you
With one word, goodbye, your lonely empty space
Yes, this can’t be the end

Even if the season changes, the world changes
You were always next to me
Even if love is far away
Waiting for it with the same heart

When I miss you to death, long for you so much
I will call your name, I love you

Thank you for making me live
Please don’t forget about me
Come back, to the place where you used to live
To my sick heart that misses you

Even if the world changes, a lot of time passes
I will always wait for you, I love you
The wind blows, I miss you more


JYJ – Nine

Do you know what love is?
No actually, I don’t even know
I just don’t know
My heart is hot, it’s beating and I keep crying
What should I do?
Should I go to you and kneel before you?
I don’t even know
I keep searching for you, running, walking
But I’m in the same place

* Do not you love me- Do not want to forget
Though I try to start anew
It’s not that easy
Our love, my memories, remembrances
I can’t even hide it anymore

** Forget the past days
We just need to watch over each other
We know now- we don’t have to say it to know
We just need to shout everyday for the yesterdays that aren’t far away
I’m sorry I couldn’t speak- I love you

I tried calling multiple times
I worried about what I would say
Without me knowing
When I sleep and wake up,
I keep searching for you

* repeat

** repeat

Look at me, look at me right now
I changed so much that it’s awkward but
Wait for me- let’s not get too far apart
I will promise to the world in front of me

** repeat

JYJ – You’re

After not being able to sleep, I open my eyes and see
Beneath my wet hair from the night, my pillow…
Let’s end it now (let’s end it now)
Will you please let me go now?
Last night I only recalled pain
Even the sound of rain, beating on me
Let’s end it now (let’s end it now)
Can’t you love me anymore?

I trap myself deeply within the sad memories
And I just chase after shadows
I want to love again

* And I am going to the right way for you
I will run over there to the end of the sky
Even though I lose my precious memories
I will earn a new future

** So I can repay you for your love
That fills up to the ends of the horizon
I will protect you
Yes can’t exchange this with anything else
You and I and everyone- because we’re one

The coffee aroma that tickles my nose
The whiffling spring breeze and the scent of flowers
Are gretting me (are greeting me), are smiling at us
Yes, while drinking the dew that comes after long nights
The mere freshness of the grass will make us happy

* repeat

** repeat

You’ve been hiding behind the cloud and crying
Now confidently straighten up and face the world
You can hear the roar of the crowds

When our warm dreams are getting farther away- blackout darkness
Then there was only a path going down that remained
Life had lost its basics and worth
Right then, you held our hands tightly
You helped us find our smiles again
You helped us find strength to jump higher than anyone else

* repeat

JYJ – Pierrot

I am your pierrot- I can’t believe this
I adjusted everything to you, feeling surpressed
In front of my eyes you are our pro
Nothing beats money to you-
You’re such a pro- a real p.s.m.

I’m still so young – what are you trying to do to me again?
Take away your dirty hands- don’t even speak to me
We’re not the same as yesterday

* No just do not touch me- I’m not a pierrot
I want to go toward the spacious skies
I want to sly with freedom- higher- fly fly

** I have my own thoughts
I have my own life
I don’t want to remember those prison-like times
Forever bye bye bye
Throw away those thoughts of yours
Throw away those excuses of yours
Because you will be filled with painful days till your death

I can see it even with my eyes closed- I’m a master now
Trying to endlessly dig deeper into me- no no
Stop trying to trap me in those photos
Look at the world- it’s truly great

* repeat

** repeat (x2)


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