SHINee – Note

Ladies and gentlemen, May I introduce SHINee

Even in the moment when I’m falling asleep, I’ve never let go of it in my hand
Everyday, I’ve been writing very rational notes

I’ve been solid, never crumbling down once
But on a certain page, the rippling began
The ink smudges

*Oh I’m curious yeah
You smile from the picture at the moment, why
Oh I’m so curious yeah
I’m so curious yeah

For over a hundred times, I think about you and forget about you
The question that fills up my head, what is it that you want

Without notice, as if the dry sky and land were ringing
This moment flows into my heart without a sound
It swirls

**Oh I’m curious yeah
You walk out from the picture at the moment, why
Oh I’m so curious, yeah
I’m so curious yeah

You don’t exist in front of me right now
I know that for sure but I’m going to interrogate you
Your lips know the answer that I want
It shines and disappears

I feel like going crazy

Tonight SHINee’s in the house wo ho
So give it up give it up give it up for SHINee
Give it up give it up give it up for SHINee


SHINee – Clue

SHINee’s Back, SHINee’s Back,
SHINee’s Back Back Back Back Back

From now, all stop, whomever it is
No one can leave this site, don’t get nervous in this obvious scene
I’m already free in the secret room

I won’t lose even a single trembling breath of yours
The gem of your heart that I’ve been secretly going after
I’ve already pierced through your nervous eyes

I won’t miss even a single trembling breath of yours
The jewel of the heart that I’ve secretly been aiming for
I’m already aware of your anxious eyes
I’ve found you on the dragon’s board, I’m freeze!

You, with an innocent face
You shake my heart and look for a chance
Two answers (two answers)
Explode like a firework in a long night, baby

* The suspect is in here
No one can leave
You and I, or anyone
Everything about you
I have found evidence
I will certainly find you

This breathless show time
We each reveal our playing hand to each other
It’s time to hide my fake card – don’t rush it
I flip over your pretty spacious clutch bag

Your footsteps are swaying – I won’t follow you
You’re eyes are focused on one point
The glass in your hands is only for you
You’ve passed through a long time

I close my eyes and count your breaths
I feel the scent passing through my heart
Only one answer (only one answer)
You follow and walk toward my heart baby

You look around me
I look around you
As if you’re coming, you get farther
As if I’m going, I get farther

Wo wo wo~ dubbi dubbi dubbi dub dub duru
dub dub dub dub duru oh oh
Wo wo wo~ dubbi dub dubbi dub dub duru

I don’t know how you already knew
Only to you, I was not able to be strongly locked

* Repeat

Kim Bo Kyung – What Good Is It (뭐해)

It’s already been a few hours since I can’t reach you
I guess you’re not even worried about me
What I’m doing, who I’m with
I guess you don’t even care

Friends always come first and I’m again pushed back
I hold it in and hold it in again alone
You said that I’m yours, you said that you’ll be good to me
But you only just say the words

* What good is it if you tell me you love me?
What good is it if you say you’re my man?
You don’t even know how I feel or my heart
You just keep hurting me

** What good is it if you kiss me deeply
When I can’t even feel your sincerity?
If you just say “I love you” with words, what good is it?

You say we will definitely see each other on the weekend
But you keep postponing the time
Two o’clock becomes four o’clock and it becomes tomorrow
What do I do with you?

* repeat

** repeat

I’d rather have you, I’d rather have you break up with me
I don’t want to love like this

I don’t love someone like you
What good is it if you only say “I’m sorry” with words
When you don’t even know why you’re sorry?
Rather, rather, just say “let’s stop”

Hye Ryoung – You Are The Valuable One To Me (나보다 더 소중한 사람이 있어요)

* There is someone more precious than me,
Someone I’ll be with forever
Just at the thought of him, I get tears
He’s such a warm person, given to me by the heavens – I love you
I will keep this love close in my heart – I love you

A person who suddenly appeared to me like fate
The moment I first say him, I felt that he was my better half
It’s the first time feeling that the words “I love you”
Is not enough to express how I feel

I will become another part of you
And live with you forever – I only love you

* repeat

I think of you all day – starting from the morning
Your love has deeply colored my heart

What to do? Am I allowed to be this happy?
The person who taught me the happiness of love

I love you, I love you – the words linger around my mouth
I keep whispering it – you’re so precious

* repeat

Forever, I will only look at you alone
I will become another part of you
And protect you for always
Our eyes that look at each other reflects our happiness
I will keep this love close in my heart – I love you


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