F.T. Island – Heartbroken (상심)

I can in your heart
Why don
t you know
t tell mama
*In my loving heart
You just left a small dream inside and left me so easily
But I’m trying to understand you now
I won’t be able to love any other person anymore
I’m getting locked into this sadness that I’m getting used to
I will be able to see it again, right?
In the sadness, before our memories fade away
None of the promises including ‘I will wait for you’
Comfort my days that are so painful
Do I have to let you go like this?
I try to forget about you by the sea where there is no one
But you, who is drawn everywhere in my white dream
I will keep in my heart until I stop breathing, until the end of my life


Wheesung – The Guys Are Coming (놈들이 온다)

I’m drownin’ myself in the memories of love

My heart is breakin’ with the thought of our lost love
I’m drownin’ myself in the memories of love
My heart is breakin’ with the thought of our lost love

(Love) Our eyes met in just one moment
(Love) It was quick like fire spreading
(Love) We believed in love
Yes, it was like that in the past

(Love) Those feelings in the beginning were so good
(Love) Those worries were the start of it all
(Love) It wasn’t like before and for us, that was so sad

* The vicious guys are coming
Tears and separation are coming
We will be met with them for sure
It’s just a moment – it will pass and be forgotten
Like memories of your childhood

(Love) We met so obviously
(Love) And we started to head toward the end
(Love) That wasn’t love
Yes, that was the problem

(Love) It was wrong since the beginning
(Love) The lonliness was the start of it all
(Love) We can’t turn it back now
It’s too late for us

* repeat

I’m drownin’ myself in the memories of love
My heart is breakin’ with the thought of our lost love
I’m drownin’ myself in the memories of love
My heart is breakin’ with the thought of our lost love

Like a greeting, like a handshake
I hug you, hold your hand and try to smile but
We already know it’s the end, you and I

They are vicious guys, taking away everything
I want to shout out, stop it, leave me alone but
I can only say goodbye
As if we’re people who won’t ever meet again

F.T. Island – Like The Birds (새들처럼)

The cars racing through the open space
And the people shined by the setting sun

The cars racing on the highway
This street in the heart of the city crowded with busy footsteps
Between the densely packed buildings like trees in a forest
The billiant neon signs
I want to fly above this city today – come on

* As I look at the birds flying
I want to follow them and fly as well
Freely underneath the blue sky
I want to follow them

I want to fly in the sky today
I want to touch the clouds
Uh yes I wanna touch the cloud
Because they are lower than the sky
If only if the tips of my fingers can touch the tip of the cloud

Even if I want to leave this stuffy city
I cannot go

* repeat
I want to get out of this frustrating routine
Let’s get out out – I want to get out of here now
Above the sky, I feel like there will be something for me
Like the birds in the sky, let’s fly to the sky – fly high

Fly – spread your wings, look only to the sky
If you have courage, you can do it

* repeat (x2)

Bobby Kim – The Reunion of Memories (Original: 조용필 – 추억 속의 재회)

In the passing darkness, I saw you with your strange long hair
Bobbing up and down like the waves,
I saw your wet eyes, as I pass by the window

When we kissed, your lips were so soft
You, who was so sad and crying
Our encounter through the wind just lingered at the moment

The days that have gone –
I won’t call it love anymore

* You came to me after a separation without a promise of love
And only the sadness of memories remain
As I erase you, who I can’t hate
My heart that closed it’s eyes sheds tears

You, who is getting further away
Like the soft scent of flowers
You come closer to me and look at me till it hurts
And you call me into love

When this time passes,
It will remain as a dream that will be forgotten

* repeat

I wanna know know know know
where did my love love love go
Even after time passes,
I wanna know know know know

* repeat (x2)


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