After School – Flashback

I can’t wait, my heart is already in danger
The moment I saw you again, I’m automatic
This kind of feeling is still on and on and on again
In just one moment, I get a flashback to that time again

My love is automatic, slowly systematic,
The answer comes out right away tonight
I go back to that time, go back just as it was
That image is all coming back to me
It’s so tiring that I’m going crazy, you don’t know my heart
Because my heart was hurt, I closed my heart
Turn everything back, baby

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HaHa and Taw (Feat. So Sung of SongCryGirlz) – Acacia

You’ll probably think of me at times when the season comes where flowers blo0m
You’ll probably blankly let out a sigh like I do
And you’ll think of me at times again
When the cherry blossoms fall and the acacia scent
Rises in the wind and touches your cheeks
You’ll think of me

When we used to love, just by looking at each other, we laughed
Our smiles didn’t leave our faces, it was the happiest moment of my life
You were the light that shone most beautifully on me
You became a dream that I can’t dream of ever again
I draw you out, I hold onto you and I can’t let you go

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Park Jung Hyun – I’m Sorry (미안해)

You – you always made me happy
I couldn’t live a day without you
I was blind and just followed you around

Hey, you ended up being a liar
Only great pain remained
You weren’t the person I hoped for

* I’m sorry, I can’t forgive you now
Don’t make pointless efforts
To turn my heart around

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Ivy – Good Person (좋은 사람) The Chaser OST

I waited and I hated you
But at news of you, trembling memories come up
Because back then, you dated a smiling me
It was happy, it was so great
But I know I can’t go back

* You were such a great person
You gave me so much pain
Because I love you, because I miss you so much
You remain in my heart and cannot be forgotten

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