F.T. Island – Like A Doll (인형처럼)

I’m smiling
I’m smiling every day
In case I start to tear
I’m smiling every day
Like a smiling doll
With the same face
I’m endlessly smiling
Every day

I’m well, without much going on
I made a lot of friends too
I’m so busy that a long day
Passes quickly
I’m seeing someone new
A person who resembles you
I’m sorry but when I see her
I remember you Continue reading F.T. Island – Like A Doll (인형처럼)


Tae.1 – Monologue (독백) Glass Castle OST

I’m becoming laughable, the blank me, the foolish me
I lost you so easily and couldn’t do anything about it
I guess the deeper the love gets, the more greedy you get too
I always wanted you more so I tried to imprison you inside of me

I love you, I’m waiting for you
But I gave you scars with painful words that I didn’t mean
There’s so much I didn’t do for you, now I finally realized
So I can’t let go of your traces Continue reading Tae.1 – Monologue (독백) Glass Castle OST

Kang Hyun Jung – Love Flower (사랑꽃) La Dolce Vita OST

Will it live? Though I try hard and shed tears
It dries up, doesn’t move and coldly withers

Love, blossom again, love
Memories of the dazzling and beautiful days
They go away like faded flower petals falling one by one Continue reading Kang Hyun Jung – Love Flower (사랑꽃) La Dolce Vita OST

Cho PD (feat. Brown Eyed Girls) – Free Music

In my head, my thought & my feeling spit it out
Hello ChoPD, dedicatin′ new music
Official free music, dont lose it
duty of army’s holding me down but i stay around

One day, I heard the court judge was looking for me
Why are they arresting me?
Days when I was reckless, days I can’t describe with words
I’m looking back but they’re saying

You can’t separate ChoPD with MP3
Can you participate in the Ministry debate?
No, it’s no fun, this outdated discussion
How many years has it been? Continue reading Cho PD (feat. Brown Eyed Girls) – Free Music


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