Ulala Session, Lee Seung Chul – The West Sky (서쪽하늘) Superstar K Season 3

The sun sets to the west sky and you, who have become sadness now
I call you out once more because I feel like I won’t be able to again
Even if I cry out, your name always breaks in the air and comes back
Now you leave me behind, and I don’t have the strength to bear anymore
The day you left the loving me, the day even the sky cried because of sadness
As if you knew that I would leave in the rain
*On rainy days, I always long for you
Waiting for the day I will meet you again
Why does the raining sky make me so sad?
When I want to forget you with my shedding tears
I want to go, I want to see you, I really wanted to find you
But you are still in the same place
But I love you

Busker Busker, Yoon Jong Shin – Magguleena (막걸리나) Superstar K Season 3

She always wipes her lips with her soft hands after drinking
Oh, maggulleena^
Above her red cheeks are her wet eyes, do you love me dear?
Oh, maggulleena
*She loves me, oh maggulleena
She, who is so beautiful, loves me
Oh ivory magic, oh maggulleena
The eyes contact that we made when we bumped our glasses
I’m not mistaken, right? Oh, maggulleena


^maggullee is a Korean traditional alcohol that is made out of rice. And we think the lyric writer Shin added a -na at the end of maggullee to make it a feminine name

Christina Lee, T Yoon Mirae – Pay Day (Superstar K Season 3)

Yeah! It’s lady t, Gemini, everybody shout!
Yeah! Come on, uh! yeah yuh! Put your hands up.

We got lady Ann in the house you know what I’m saying
And we gonna party tonight! Like what?
Like it’s your pay day yeah uh uh come on

Don’t care about how the person next to you looks at you (don’t care)
It’s just a life that you live once
Now, put your hands up, wave it left and right
Untie the knot that was tangled in your heart
You, who act all tough outside, lie flat today
Laugh out loud, spread your laughter around you
Don’t try to resist, if the rhythm breaks into your body
Let’s go! Shout out a happy cry

*Shout louder (x3)

Come on and get your party on like it’s pay day
Shout louder (x3)
Come on and get your party on like it’s pay day

I got the gitchie gitchie ya yeah
I know what they like

We gonna party like today’s ya pay day
If there’s something that makes you angry, let it out tomorrow

(May day, may day, I need your voice)
Ok! I’ll try to put my soul into my mic

I’ll shoot a happy arrow to your exhausted heart
The perfect aim to you, who is hungry of love
My lyrical love virus hit the target

I got the gitchie gitchie ya yeah
I know what they like
I know what they like

I got the gitchie gitchie ya yeah
I know what they like
we go on party like today. It’s pay day


Everybody come around, they wanna see what I got
They always askin’ what I’m going cause I blow up the spot
I got the gitchie, gitchie ya yeah
I know what they like

Cause when I rock upon the mic I rock the mic right

I came to party yall so get get out yo seat
And ride the rhythm
Let me see you stomp stomp your feet
Now shout cause it doesn’t happen everyday
Come on and get your party on like it’s pay day

Two Months, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Geu Rim – Thinking About You (니생각) Superstar K Season 3

A whole day went by, thinking about you
There’s nothing that is working out
What has happened to me?
Is it you, you?
On the phone that I keep checking
There are only annoying messages from a friend
What has happened to me?
It’s all your fault
*Ah, I must be in love, so now what?
When I fall for someone, I fall endlessly
Dear my heart, are you read? I’m about to fall in love with him

It might hurt, you might look somewhere far away
But I will still wait for you while looking at you
Cause it has already started

A whole day went by, thinking about you

Thinking about you, lalalala lala

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