Boyfriend – One Day (소나기)

No matter how long it has been, I know
I emptied out a part of my heart
Though my heart hurts, though it still hurts
I can’t forget you and I look for you again

* Long ago, the young girl whose small eyes were so cute
The young boy who used to make fun of her
The two kids whose heart hurt for the first time because of transferring schools
The girl whose small eyes shone brighter today
The girl whose eyelashes were especially pretty
You, who was prettier than anyone else to me, where are you?

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Boyfriend – Super Hero

I get hyper because of you
I get nervously excited
You thickly spread over me
You make me, you perfect me yeah

Oh after meeting you, only good things happen every day
You always smile so brightly, why is that so pretty?

Yes, I think I know, I think I know
You are my lucky super hero
I think I know, I think I know, the greatest light in my life

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Boyfriend – Love Style

It’s because I miss you so much that I can’t stand it
It’s because a day without you is so long
I want only you for a moment
Though I’m afraid you might distance yourself from me

* If you want a love, prettier than memories (I’ll give it to you)
If you want a love, prettier than a movie (I’ll give it to you)
If you want a person, stronger than others (I’ll be that person)
If you want a person, who won’t make you cry

Me me me me me me
Me me me me me me
That’s me, wow yeah

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