Infinite – Cover Girl

I don’t want to face any kind of beautiful separations
Someday we will grow apart, we won’t see each other again
It’s too short of a love journey to say this
Passing over the countless doorways that say “love is pain” in the open streets
Going by myself is not the solution
The awkwardly held hand is you

You are so pretty- you really shine
Each moment, you are my cover girl
You smile whenever you see me, even when you’re mad, you smile
How can I say I don’t like you?

* I only need one, I only need one
You know it, it’s obvious
Completely trust me, just trust me
Then I am yours, for always

Pretend that I never been sick
Pretend that I don’t regret after I love
There’s no need to be hurt by thinking
Just you and me- just us two is enough- baby love ya
Is your head still calculating?
Are you still confused on what the answer is?
It’s simple- I can never let you go
The answer is that we can’t go on if it’s not us together

If you let your eyes wander, you know what will happen (bebe)
If you have other feelings, you know what will happen (bebe)
Then I don’t know what I will do either (you are my cover girl)
As much as you love, as much as you receive love
The scars are bigger as well

* repeat

This is it- it’s not that hard
If our hearts for each other are beating
If I call your name with my voice, it starts

You are my angel, my only cover girl
(My cover girl, I will have you)
I shout louder, you are mine (I can be loud)
My burning heart has focused on you
My eyes will only hold you  (in my heart, there’s only you)

I only need one, I only need one (please remember)
You know it, it’s obvious (baby my girl)
Completely trust me, just trust me
Then I am yours, for always


Lady Jane (Feat. Tony An) – Pair (짝)

It’s so amazing- my boring days feel new every day
Like the morning air, it’s fresh
You are my lucky charm- my miraculous gift
You are the morning that awakened me

Your smile is so cute, it’s so loveable
Like I’m floating in the clouds, every day is so joyful
Even if I see you all day, I miss you
Even if I see you all day, you’re loveable
I see you and see you but I never get sick of you

* We went round and round far away and finally we found each other
We wandered around and around but finally we became a pair
Let’s not have love fights but let’s just love
So we can make up for all the precious days we wasted
Let’s only love

Thank you- this new world with you is so new
It’s fragrant like fresh flowers
Now I am finally learning what love really is
Thank you for becoming my last love

* repeat

Let’s trust each other, let’s only look at each other
So I won’t regret the days I wasted in order to meet you
Let’s love even more

We went round and round far away and finally we found each other
We wandered around and around but finally we became a pair
Let’s not have pointless misunderstandings or jealousy
So these eye-blinding days will be forever
Let’s only love

Sung Hoon (of Brown-Eyed Soul) – Marry Me

For such a long time, I was spotted with deep scars
Even I turned away from myself
But one day, like a dream, you came to me
You, who is standing in front of me
I look into your eyes and muster up courage
And I want to say

* Would you marry me marry me – I want to be with you
Give you everything everything – all that I have
Will you stay with me stay with me – my heart is trembling again
I hope you will accept- I hope you feel the same way

You probably lived day by day with tear-stained sadness
I guess you are a gift to me so I won’t be lonely anymore
Now hold my hand in my embrace
Kiss me and speak of love

* repeat

Baby You – Like starlight I won’t change
I kneel before you and solidly promise
Even if the sad autumn comes, even if the snowy winter comes
I will love you with all my heart

* repeat (x2)

Chun Sang Ji Hee Dana & Sunday – You, Right Now (지금 그대) Hooray For Love OST (애정만만세 OST)

I need to hold back my tears because you’re suffering too
I need to let you go as I smile but it’s too hard for me

I just need to look at you and have a small smile on my face

* You’re so bad- how can you smile so brightly
It hurts- my heart hurts so much that I can’t even take a small breath

** Don’t leave, don’t leave- words I couldn’t bear to say
Are flowing down as my tears

Are you okay with it- are you really alright?
Is the separation that looms in front of us is painful only to me?

I can’t believe how much you’ve changed
Our separation is like a lie

* repeat

Are you leaving? Do I need to let you go like this?
My heart hurts so much that I couldn’t speak

** repeat

Flowing down as my tears

Fat Cat – Indifferent Love (내사랑 싸가지)

My indifferent love, piss off- come on come on boy
Swallow that vanilla- dirty sexy boy
You wrap it around a few things and avoid me here and there
You pretend to be shocked, pretend to be blank
Why do you keep stuttering

Luv holic fallin’ that’s me love me boy
You can’t even put a cherry at the tip of your tongue

* I’m a super star get the super star
Stop wasting precious time
Oh no, shining star, no more super star
Don’t let go of your conscience

** Time is tick tick, tick tock tick tock
Quickly tick tick, tick tock tick tock

So annoying, so frustrating, you lukewarm boy
I can’t take it anymore, come on let’s it boy
You pretend you’re nice, pretend you’re dorky
You steal glances at me
Even when ten years passed, my heart boogie-woogies baby

The holic holic fallin fallin that’s me thats me love me baby
You can rush a little more my love
Hang on to me, hurry hurry
So annoying- why are you using your head

* repeat

** repeat

Are you crazy- how can you leave me alone, you fool
What are you going to do by just blankly staring?
Can’t you hold my hand first?
My insides are about to burst,
Don’t just be there strengthlessly but do something
I’m ready to do something- don’t drag it out, hurry up

* repeat

** repeat