Fertile Rains – Hopeful Torture (희망고문)

I’m filled with only you
At the same place, I look only to you
You know me, who’s like this, better than anyone
But you turn away without being seen

Now I realize, you search for me when you are lonely
Like a fool, I only know you
And I stack up the scars in my heart

* Cruelly, you don’t even let me lean on you
Not even giving me the slightest hope
Even if I say I will do better,
I know I can’t be your love
Please, I ask that you will stop

Just like I loved you, just like I liked you till now
Because you showed me hope, I can’t escape from you

You can’t do this to me who loves you
You made me live day by day in obsession
Now stop – because of everything you did to me
My heart is filled with scars

* repeat


Kikaflo – Attention (차렷)

Attention, at ease Attention, at ease
At ease, attention
Don’t think of useless things and pay attention
Attention, at ease Attention, at ease
At ease, attention
Don’t move a bit – stay in place, attention

Give up halfway, care about other’s eyes
Cry at the slightest things, complaining like a little child
Every night, prepare to go out
But ending up only shyly dancing
Can’t even play however you want
Lost your focus because of momentary pleasure?
Your thoughts were immature? You’re still not there yet
An empty show-off? You’re not that great
There’s a lot of people who try
But only one who succeeds
Hidden under the shadow of competition
Thousands of people can’t see the light
A half-assed attitude? That won’t work at all
Adolescent masturbation is done now
It’s time to be an adult now
Don’t think of pointless things and get your job done well

You’re occupation is a student but you’re too busy playing and education comes last
But you can’t even go till the end, you tire easily
That uncomfortable feeling of sinning and making mistakes
It makes your head hurt and you’re about to lose your mind
The reality that’s neither this nor that
Even in that, you can’t pay attention and have an unbalanced diet
You’re just bulky and have no sense
What you need is to be a hard worker
On long days, you complain about the drinking location
I pity you, who just complains all th etime
Alway about the same things everyday – so pathetic
There’s no fun or interest – just stop it
Again today, your excuse is that you’re busy
It’s okay but the world will not accept you as easily
If you can’t change, you can’t avoid it
The beggar-like troubles

You just think you’re stuck because you can’t see the light
You tell a lie saying that you can’t do anything yourself
You just give cowardly excuses – chose well for your future

Family background, education – you have everything yo uneed
But what you want is to escape your daily routine
Like a melo movie, a sweet kiss with a strange woman
A glittering youth, a shining future?
But the present is just pleasure –
That’s always the free will of a person
Younger people, older people, juniors, seniors
Decide what you want to be among those people

Lexy (Feat. GD, TOP, Taeyang) – Superfly

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you move

I say ladi dali all ma people throw yo hands in da air
Everyone scream all together
Party started all night long, girls, boys, old, young – doesn’t matter
See me, next to me, guess who’s back
Who did you come with?
A famous star I saw a lot on TV
It’s L to the E to the X Y

She goes head on to whatever comes, can’t stop her
Everyone is surprisd at her tough type
Yo at our style like a bulldozer, what can you do
Will you follow us, everyone?
Follow Lexy and kick me aside
Y’all know high class – I’ll take you there
Just trust me

* Everybody’s rockin
Everybody’s movin
Everybody – all together
Before the night grows too deep
Before you get too tired
Take out everything in your heart and throw it

I like the you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you move (x2)

I like the you walk I like the way you move
The way you talk and keep a dirty groove it’s ooh
Straight nice and smoothe like ooh – though I’m catty
I have the spirit and am a fearless style
Hit that kick that – I’m spreading thickly and easily
When people say I’m tougher than men
I smile with satisfaction – LEX original
If you like me, I’ll show you like a woman
On the outside, only to you

Everybody fill up your empty glasses
Everyone drink one shot
Now get up from your seats and play hard now

* repeat

Oh I like that baby girl
Oh come a bit closer
Oh I like baby that baby girl
Oh try to touch you

On and on and to the brake of dawn and dawn and
Everyone clubbin’ clubbin’ L.E.X.Y
Want it want it super fly flowing
All the youngins who’s eyes are half-closed and drooling
I will make this hot place even hotter

Yeah you can feel it, yeah, you can jump more
Yeah, it’s too early to be tired
We’re just about to start, what’s wrong with you?

Lastly, get em, if you’re gonna leave
Seal the deal so you have no regrets
Seal it – hey boys and girls
Everyone, thanks a lot

* repeat

I like the way you walk
I like the way you talk
I like the way you move (x2)

Jong Hyun (of SHINee) – So Goodbye (City Hunter OST)

* So Goodbye don’t cry and smile
I will let go of all the cold-hearted times
So Goodbye – me, who was lonely in the darkness
I need you – I need your love again

Just like I did every day,
I erase the painful scars and sad memories
The moment I first saw you,
It felt like everything stopped and I only saw you

** I am crumbling under the rough pain from love
But I have no regrets
When I close my two eyes, I feel your breath
Now I can smile

* repeat

** repeat

* repeat (x2)

I need you
I need your love again

LeeSsang – 831.

Ah love is in my heart

My life, that has always been lonely since I was a child,
Is like a lonely bench on a street
After I entered elementary school,  I go home after school ends and open the door,
And darkness and silence greets me
When I was young, I was locked in fear
I barely comforted my fear with the loud radio
I just look out the window and wait for my parents who went to work
A year, two years pass like that and nothing has changed
On rainy days, I had to run in between the other mothers who came to pick up their kids
Using my indoor shoe bag to cover my head
Even when I fought with friends or was upset over something
I had to endure everything by myself
But I didn’t even try to complain and hope for something
At some point, I became used to being alone

Because I was always lacking, because I was always lonely
Because I was always longing, I shed so many tears
But that’s it – I don’t want to beg for someone’s love or attention like a beggar
I took the short, wind-like happy moments and got rid of bits and pieces of my lonliness
When I was lonely, sometimes I looked at the sky
I couldn’t touch it but it’s always by my side
Probably, my family, my friends, all the people I love, would have had the same heart as the sky
The ocean and the sky are far apart but
The horizen always makes it so that they are together

* When you feel like you’re alone
Look toward the sky and empty your heart
And hold hands with the stars

Sometimes, people who we trust and love that is more precious than ourselves –
They leave and we can’t climb over the hedge of lonliness and we chose tears
But life is like bottomless poison anyway
When the lonely winter passes, spring always finds us again
Give everything to the fishermen without lingering attachment, like the flowing river
Like the bench that freely has greetings and goodbyes
That is how I will live – I will make lonliness into a constellation and make it into a path of meeting
This thick wall of lonliness that I’m so sick of,
Now it is a friend that I can lean on

* repeat