Verbal Jint – Depressing Letter (우울한 편지)

I don’t know if it was on purpose or if I forgot
I put it deep inside my bag and
Just when we were about to break up
I took out that letter that you wrote for me

I came back home and slowly opened it
Your handwriting on the pretty paper
Engraving line by line by line
It made my deceitless heart beat

Do tears form in your eyes when you see me?
Are your two eyes that look upon me, tearful?
Then there is no need for words, let’s trust one another

Even if they say we’re stupid
Even if they say we’re weak
Even if they say we’re strong
Even if they say we’re wise
Do you know, do you know?
That it has nothing to me now?

This depressing letter


WE – Rainy Days (비歌)

Rain is falling – the rain that you used to like
I close my eyes – without me knowing, I think of you
I’m running out of breath – tears well up in my eyes

* Rain is falling – the rain that you used to like
I close my eyes – without me knowing, I think of you
I’m running out of breath – tears well up in my eyes
Don’t go away Can’t live alone
I miss you so much

Our split apart relationship is missing the apostrophe
The line of separation – I don’t wanna cross it
You’re in my heart but I’m not in your heart
Love is like a total eclipse of the sun

Day by day I stay up all night
Moment by moment, days go by

Even though I miss you and keep shouting to the sky
I can’t hear anything – only hot tears are falling
I clash, I break down, I go crazy over the memories
I cast away the lingering attachments from my heart
Should I forget or should I erase – I grow exhausted from sadness

* repeat

** This night of thinking of you, this night of missing you
This night of wandering because of my longing for you baby
This night of thinking of you, this night of missing you
In this night baby good night
This night of desperately searching for you

For all this time I’ve been lovin’ you
I stay still and close my eyes and every day, I pray for you
For the days that we used to be together like the past
The scars and pain that you gave me become memories
You remain as an afterimage in my mind
So even if I want to forget you, I can’t because I’m a fool
I won’t ask you to come back to me
But still, I wait for you – I’m still loving you

Even though I miss you, I can’t
Even though I try to forget you, I can’t
If you’re feeling the same way, why are you pushing me out
Please tell me, I’m so frustrated – why are you leaving me?
Don’t go, don’t leave me – please stay by my side

* repeat

It’s falling endlessly – the rain in my eyes
I miss you so much – you, who has left
I tried calling out to you but it was muted by the sound of the rain
I miss you but it was shadowed by the drops of rain

** repeat

Tablo – Thankful Breath

Even if it’s a sigh, I’m thankful of my breath
Even on sleepless nights, the welcoming pillow
The applause that used to make me dream, is past
Now I become mesmerized with my daughter’s applause
I can’t say that I have lost everything
Because even after losing 99, I still find little things impressive
I’m smiling
To me, the words, “I wannna die”?
No, let it be
The things that makes me breathe is the calm rain
The sweet time wasting with friends
Red flowers, blue flowers, the cloud flowers in early mornings
Plenty of laughter flowers in the garden called, love
Bloom, my heart’s rest
The wind of Jejudo, the night lights in Seoul
Epic High’s music that I hear in the streets while walking
The eyes of my wife and my baby
*Can I stop suffering now?
Can I stop fearing now?
Can I laugh just as much as I cried?
Get up and stand up
When I opened my fist, a handshake was welcoming me
When people’s applause was welcoming me as I opened my closed heart 
The wrinkles in my forehead disappear
And the sky is full of smiles
Exciting the smiley glands
I swallow a mouthful of happiness
Let it go, little boy, I let it go, ma
The hopes that I wanted to grab with both of hands
I had too much hope and dreams in me
It was so high where I couldn’t reach
But I don’t wanna lose it
The closed heart is so narrow, unable to contain
It will break because of too much force
You don’t wanna see, I was ashamed
For a minute, it’ll be just a minute
Everybody makes mistakes and misunderstands
Get your mind right, go straight, balance yourself
And first, go find your love that you have lost then
Second, find your dream, throw and gain back your confidence
Third, to my friend who helped me out a lot
Here I go
Being normal is good enough for me
I’m curious of the soap opera’s ending that I usually didn’t want to know
It was uncomfortable to even listen to music but
The artists that I like keep releasing albums
By watching comedy shows that I didn’t want to be in
I regained the feeling of laughing that I completely forgot
Thank you to all the people in the tv screen
**There are still many empty notebooks that I need to fill
There are many hyung and dongseng^ that I need to take care of
There are still many questions that I haven’t asked
And many answers that I haven’t received
*Repeat (X2)


^Hyung means an older brother/male friend and dongseng means a younger brother/male friend or younger sister/female friend

Tablo – Expiration Date (유통기한)

Even if I look at the clock
I don’t have time, goodbye now
Even if I look at the calendar
I don’t have any memories now
*I’m afraid I’ll be a book that no one reads
Music that no one listens to anymore
I’m afraid I’ll be abandoned like a movie playing in an empty theater
Even if I look at the phone
I don’t have any relationships now
Even if I look into the mirror
In there, there’s no confidence now
*Repeat (X2)

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