I.U. – Last Fantasy

I had a good dream, more beautiful than any flower
At the cold wind, I pull up the blankets
And I open my eyes and it is today
At some point, the seasons have changed

The blue sky and the pieces of clouds
I drew them however I wanted at that place
I wonder if we will meet again
Will you come to me again?

* Faraway things always look beautiful
I wonder what the closely approached world will show me
I still have many fears and am still young
If it’s you, can I lean on you?
Will you open your heart a bit more?
Don’t you need someone?

Like me?

Has this ever happened to you –
As if you’ve slept for a long time,
The air feels different than yesterday
And for some reason, the day feels strange
For some reason, everything feels strange

My mornings are nights to some others
At that natural truth,
I don’t know why I get so lonely, so sad

* Repeat

Just like me?

My last fantasy, forever in my heart

If only I can fly, I would fly to you
But I believe in the meaning of my dream last night
There are still a lot of things I don’t know
But I can open that door and walk out
Will you patiently wait for me?
Pray for me that I won’t fall
Believe in me


I.U. (Feat. Kim Hyun Chul) – Everything’s Alright

* Everything’s alright if you hold me tight
I’m alright, only if I have you
Like a sunny day, such a wonderful day
You, who I know, is that kind of person

The weather is great today
Without any plans, it’s a lonely holiday
Even time has stopped
I just get annoyed for no reason
I don’t know what to do with myself
Without you, I can’t do anything

* Repeat

With a girl’s pride,
I can’t call you first
I am waitng even now
You know me well
You just need to call me
You know this but you do this for no reason

* Repeat

All the things we told each other till now
They are not obvious lies
Everything`s alright
If you hold me tight
I’m alright, only if I have you
I miss you so much, to the point where I go crazy

Everything’s alright, if you hold me tight
I’m alright, only if I have you
Like a sunny day, such a wonderful day

Everything’s alright, if you hold me tight
I’m alright, only if I have you
After day by day, soon a smiley day

I.U. – Wisdom Tooth (사랑니)

Mom, I’m so sorry about yesterday
My two eyes were so puffed up
I locked my door and didn’t take a step outside
What do I do? Tears keep falling down

I guess there is no one whose first love lasted in this world
I guess everyone has to squat and spill tears
And forget as they live on
My first love hurts like my first wisdom tooth

* I don’t know, don’t know – this bug-like love
To a young me, it’s too cruel
What to do? My heart is already burnt oh no
My first love – this love is going to kill me, what to do?

Mom… has dad ever made you upset like this?
I guess men don’t know this easy girl’s hearts
That jerk – he’s not even calling
My first love hurts more than my first wisdom tooth

* Repeat

I guess the sweetness was only momentary
What to do? How? What to do?
About my love that is getting bigger?
I don’t know, don’t know, I keep missing him
Foolish foolish – my foolish first love
I think I am going to die, mom – oh no
My first love – this love is hurting me

Love is cold, Love is pain, Love is fool
A first love like this is too painful for me
It’s too painful for me, who is immature
More than my first wisdom tooth

I.U. (Feat. Lee Juck) – Uncle (삼촌)

Uncle, are you coming now? Are you drinking again today?
But still, you hold a bag of chips that your niece likes in one hand
Don’t be too upset even if things are hard
Even if grandma scolds you, don’t be discouraged
I believe (in my uncle)

* Mischievous face, baggy sweat pants
I wonder when you will grow up but I like you as you are right now
My child-like uncle, my cute uncle

You always tell me I’m pretty, that I’m the prettiest in the world
You even say that my low-bridged nose is like Han Ga In’s nose
You live at the farthest room in the corner of the house but when you bring home your girlfriend,
Your shoulders are widened, you look as big as my dad (my uncle)

* Repeat

Check it out
Just wait a bit more, trust in your uncle
Small papa I will become
To my pitiful image, say bye bye bye bye

“Uncle, quit drinking and smoking!”
“Why you little… you’re just like your dad, nagging all the time”
“And when are you going to get married? I’m so sick of this!”
“Ha… I know…”

* Repeat

Uncle, you’re the best!

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