Gavy NJ (Feat. LE of EXID) – Don’t Call Me (연락하지마)

In a good mood, I put on some makeup
I put on some high heels
And I went out to the streets while listening to this song
People are secretly looking at me,
It’s been a while but it doesn’t feel bad
If you saw me, you would have regretted it

* It seemed like I would die without you
But strangely, it’s liveable
Now bye bye bye bye, don’t call me
Even if you’re drunk late at night, no no
Even if you’re lonely, no no, don’t call me

** It’s a-a-a-all over
I was crazy to cling onto you
I will meet someone better than you

Anyone can see that this new guy I’m seeing is so great
He’s so different than you, whose words were always first
Your lies were like a habit, oh
I pity myself for shedding tears over your jokes, oh

* Repeat

** Repeat

Please forget my phone number now
It’s all over, baby come on
Just shut your mouth and leave
Please stop trying to hold onto me
Don’t tell anybody about our relationship
My heart is already fully emptied
No matter how much you try to shake me, it’s over
It’s over, wave goodbye
Now don’t don’t don’t don’t, I don’t wanna cry
Even if I think of your voice, no no
Even if we run into each other, no no I don’t wanna cry

Luv luv luv luv, I will be in love
Even if you cling on and beg
Now it’s too late, snap out of it

Bye bye bye bye, don’t call me

** Repeat

I don’t wanna your love
Now for real, bye bye bye


Lee Soo Young – The Road That Only We Know (우리 둘만 아는 길) Equator Man OST

Open your eyes and look at me
Don’t you remember that day’s sunlight?
Your smile that left the track field
A separation like a bitter afternoon

The first snow that falls from far away
It was sent by you, who forgot me
On every steamed window,
I wrote in your name

* The times and the path that only we know
I haven’t forgotten so have courage
From the far away path you took as you engrave me into your heart
Please come back as you follow the sunlight

On the street we used to walk on, the wind blows and stops
Now wake up from the eternal sad dream and smile

* Repeat

The one-time love that I protected by throwing away everything else
I can’t catch it or forget it

The times and the path that only we know
I don’t regret saying the words, I love you
Call me with words that only we know
Hold out your hand, I want to touch it
Please say my name

BTOB – Father (아버지)

His lonely back seemed so unfamiliar
I just watched him as he walked along
And tears just formed so I just cried
Because I hated myself for not knowing all this time

Because he always pretended to be calm and smiled
Because he always pretended to be strong in front of me
I didn’t even think of it, I thought I would never see it
So I didn’t know about his lonely back

* I didn’t know back then, I was too young
You must have been lonelier than anyone else but I didn’t approach you
Now I finally know, I hope it’s not too late
These are the words I wanted to say so much, I love you forever
My father

After watching him for a long time
I ran to him and just hugged him
I wanted to just cry, I wanted to cry in his arms
Because my gratitude toward you was so sad

* Repeat

You pretend to feel better after letting out a deep sigh
I can see your invisible tears
You don’t cry over your scarred heart with the painful wounds
I made those scars but why do I keep blaming you?
And your eyes showed you were tired
But you hid it, such a liar
Now I will embrace you, you can lean on me
And your eyes showed you were tired
But you hid it such a liar
You are forever a high sky to me

Your beaten hands, your wrinkled eyes
Your lonely back – I’m not used to any of those
Maybe that’s why I was like that, that’s why I hurt you
Even your turned back seems like baggage that I left behind
I haven’t done anything for you, I haven’t given anything to you but
These are the words I wanted to say so much, I love you forever
My father

Hyun Sung (of Boyfriend) – Only You (오직 너만을) The King 2Hearts OST

Again today, I’ll leave my heart here
So you can look at it any time
Everywhere in the world, I only see you
It’s dyed with the fluttering in my heart

Where do I need to wait?
When do I need to tell you?
In front of my heart that I want to tell you
I open my eyes to the sadness of this special love

* I love you, precious you
I love you, who is more precious than me
I will fill you up in my soul
And send you all my heart for you

The quietly sleeping memories
Are rushing back to me so I can see you
When you smile shines on my heart
My life is dyed with your love

* Repeat

When sadness passes, you will be my one and only love
When the tears dry, you will be my one and only sun
Little by little, slowly, I will go toward you
I can’t forget you even for a moment

I love you, as I only dream of you
I love you, I breathe only for you
Like the long, long wait
I won’t let go of these hands that I hold
Forever with you, whom I love more than the moment I first met you

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