Delispice – September (9월)

You left me in sad memories
Now I know, I can try to hold onto you but I can’t

It’s fine, leave me, I’m sick of those excuses
There’s no need to turn around or that uncomfortable smile

September night
This time will come to me again
September night
The wind that will take me somewhere will blow
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V.One – Maybe That’s It (그런가 봐요)

A person who’s not good at saying thank you
A person who gets even more mad for no reason when he’s sorry
A person who hangs up first during a phone call
A person who always talks about past lovers
A person who easily cancels plans
A person who asks the same things over and over again
A person who believes it when she said, it’s okay don’t worry
She says that’s me
She said to me
Do you know guys who make their women leave?
A person who has all those traits
She says it’s me
That’s why she left me

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