Davichi – Happy End

* Woo It’s for my happy end
Woo It’s for my happy end
Woo It’s for my happy end happy end

Honestly, I was a bit worried if I would be okay without you
I don’t know, I don’t know anything
I keep keep keep becoming weak

** Oh my baby- I loved you more than anyone
But it’s not like before- without me knowing, everything changed

*** I’m never gonna fall in love again
I am not going to cry anymore
Better be alone- I want to smile- For my happy end
I’m never gonna see my love again (In the end)
I want to end sadness with you
Better be alone – I want to end this- For my happy end
But I’m in love

You don’t have to say those things anymore
You don’t have to put those awkward expressions
I want to stop, I’ll stop now
Because it keep keep keeps getting harder

** repeat

*** repeat

All the unfulfilled promises,
All the memories we had together
Now I’m going to stop them for me

I’m never gonna fall in love again
Living without you will be good
For a selfish me, it’ll be good- For my happy end
I’m never gonna break my heart again (In the end)
I’m going to love me in my own way
I am going to live for myself
For my happy end- But I’m in love

* repeat (x2)


Davichi – Don’t Find Me Again (다신 찾지마)

Now I am trying to erase everything about you
I will just take the good memories we had
Even if I hold onto you, I know you’re going to leave
So I will accept our separation like it’s nothing

I looked miserable, I was pathetic
Because I couldn’t do anything
Yes, I won’t ever find you again
Even if I miss you, even if I long for you, I will hold it in

* Don’t ever look for me again- go to her
Because I’ll meet someone else and be happy too
Because there isn’t a spot for you to come back to
Don’t ever find me again- don’t find me, don’t find me

Even if I’m alone on a street we used to walk on alot
Even if your favorite song is playing
Even if it rains and unknowingly, I think of you
Even if it’s so hard and I cry, I will hold it in

* repeat

Though I’m still blankly spending my days crying
Though it’s awkward without you
Though I can’t sleep with thoughts of you every night
I’m okay without you

* repeat

It’s over anyway, because this is it for us
Don’t find me ever again, don’t find me, don’t find me

Davichi – Love, My Love (사랑 사랑아)

I walked, I just walked- I thought of you so I walked again
Like a child who is lost, I didn’t know where to go and tears formed

The memories of you and I becoming like each other
The memories of our pain-
All of it is precious

* Trickling, trickling
Tears are flowing, memories are flowing
I guess I still love you

** Don’t leave my love, love, love
Please, please don’t leave
Filled with tears, filled with scars- what should I do with my heart?
It hurts, it hurts, it hurts, don’t leave my love

Oh- don’t leave me
Oh- don’t leave me

On rainy, depressing days,
I think of you and I shed tears

The memories of our laughters
The memories of our fights
All of it is precious

* repeat

** repeat

I shout and shout, but no matter how much I call your name
You don’t answer- I’m left all alone- what do I do?

** repeat

Davichi – Secret (비밀)

Since some time, since some point
Even when I was holding you, I felt alone
My footsteps to meet you were heavy
And sometimes I missed being alone

Just like everything changes,
Even our love that seemed would be forever,
The more time passes, the further we got from the beginning
It turned into a different color, a different scent

* You don’t know- I hope you don’t know
I can’t tell you my secretive heart
In case you figure it out,
I tell you I love you, I tell you I miss you as I smile

You greet me warmly and smile
You always warmly look at me
I can’t do that since my heart is differen tthan before
One day seems so long

* repeat

Please teach me- is this love as well?
Or is this just a phase?
Don’t forgive me for being like this
Did love stop? Am I a bad woman?

* repeat

I’m sorry for my cooled heart

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