Cho PD (feat. Brown Eyed Girls) – Free Music

In my head, my thought & my feeling spit it out
Hello ChoPD, dedicatin′ new music
Official free music, dont lose it
duty of army’s holding me down but i stay around

One day, I heard the court judge was looking for me
Why are they arresting me?
Days when I was reckless, days I can’t describe with words
I’m looking back but they’re saying

You can’t separate ChoPD with MP3
Can you participate in the Ministry debate?
No, it’s no fun, this outdated discussion
How many years has it been? Continue reading Cho PD (feat. Brown Eyed Girls) – Free Music


Daisy – It Hurts (아파도) Winter Bird OST

Don’t leave me, I can’t believe this
Did you even love me? How could you do this to me?
You are my last love, will love ever come again?
A person I won’t ever see again
A person who is now gone Continue reading Daisy – It Hurts (아파도) Winter Bird OST

M To M – Because I’m A Man (남자라서)

Because I’m a fool, I’m waiting for her
Because I’m a fool, I can’t forget her
She’s a bad woman who left me

I tried telling myself that it’s natural to hurt, that it’s ok, that being alone is better
I tried turning away but I’m always in the same place
I lean on the endless drinks, trying to erase her place
But tears keep flowing so I can’t do that yet

I can’t cry, I can’t smile, she coldly turned away
My life without you is a meaningless love
I shed tears, time passes but only this unchanging love remains with me
I’ll always leave your spot empty Continue reading M To M – Because I’m A Man (남자라서)

Na Yoon Kwon – Her Back (뒷모습)

You said you’re leaving first
As you turned around, as if you’re in a rush
The sight of your back leaving
I didn’t know that’d be the last thing in my memory

I thought we’d run into each other at least once
Because we were so in love
When I missed you too much, I thought we’d find each other again Continue reading Na Yoon Kwon – Her Back (뒷모습)


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