TRAX – Silent River (이별여행)

The falling raindrops, please do not stop
Even my tears overflow from the sky
Become the stars in the dark night sky and shine brightly
Shine on my heart

Follow the path of time and stop at that place
To that place of our loving memories
Until my two eyes let you go, stay by my side
Stay by my side

* You, who is so cold, is like river water
Like river water that is flowing farther away
I can’t catch you so I swallow my tears
So that I can fall asleep in those memories

Follow the path of time and come back to me
With the face that warmly smiled at me
Until my heart lets you go, stay by my side
Stay by my side

* repeat (x2)

So that I can fall asleep in those memories (x2)


TRAX – Good News

The place in our memory that we used to go often
I sit in a corner table without you and draw you in my mind
In the doodles of other couples on the table, yours is there too

At the end of your worn out words,
There were newly engraved words, asking, “How are you?”

* The tears that I held back suddenly fall – we have missed each other like this
Your heart toward me is what I dreamed of, good news, good news
With no second thoughts, I ran out of that place – I want to find you and hug you
We will meet soon so just wait – good news good news yeah

The running shadow that gives me a light of hope
Because of my heart that will express love, I am not tired at all
Because I know how hard separation, sadness and pain are

You just need to be there with the smile you always showed me
Let’s just smile and get past it, because that is us

* repeat

I ran to the alley where I used to drop you off, with my heart about to burst
Far away, I see you

For a while, we just look at each other and with our eyes, everything is spoken
Right now is what I’ve always hoped for – good news good news
I came back from a long road, my love is you
Let’s make them again, our own good news good news

Your heart toward me is what I dreamed of, good news, good news
I found you, who has just missed me and am hugging you
Having you back is today’s good news good news

TRAX – Goodbye To Romance (가슴속에 묻어두겠지)

When I close my eyes, I faintly remember
The unforgettable memories of you and I
The past days of when we were together in the name of love, is now disappearing

I try to sleep with sighs again tonight but in my ears, a lonely voice lingers
I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal but I still only think of you

* Can’t you leave me a bit slower?
Then you will be erased with no remains
But still, can you look back once in a while?
Even if it’s in a passing by dream

Even when I said goodbye, it was all a lie
There was already nothing remaining to me
The only thing that changed is love
I still miss you and still only think of you

* repeat

What should I do? Even though I look and look at your picture, you have left
When time passes, everything will be forgotten like it was nothing
I will bury it in my heart

TRAX – Knock Knock Knock

1, 2, 3 Knock, Knock, Knock Oh
Knock, Knock, Knock Oh, Baby
Knock, Knock, Knock Oh, Baby
Knock, Knock, Knock Yeah

I like you so much so what other words are needed?
Why do you keep avoiding me, why do you keep pushing me away?
Believe in me, don’t doubt my heart

Can I go in? I wait for you again today
The night is getting deep and my heart is going toward you
You are already my everything, I put everything I have on the line
I can feel you – open your heart

* Knock, Knock, Knock Oh, Everyday
My head is filled with you
Knock, Knock, Knock Oh, Every Night Oh-
Knock, Knock, Knock Oh, Everyday
I will give you my everything always
Knock, Knock, Knock Oh, Everytime Oh-

I’m only looking at you but what’s the matter?
Why do you keep acting cold, why won’t you give me your heart?
Just follow me, don’t doubt my heart

I believe the saying that when one knocks, the door will be opened
On this night, I think of you – my heart exists for you
Now you are my destiny – I change my everything
I can be yours – feel your heart

* repeat

Now open your closed heart
The words that I still couldn’t say to you
I will wait for you in front of the doors to your heart
I will protect you with love alone
Last forever

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