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Nine Muses – Sleepless Night (잠은 안오고 배는 고프고)

I can’t sleep
And I’m hungry
I can’t sleep
And I can only think of you

I think something covered my eye
I look around but there’s no one like you
Maybe I’m crazy
I think I’m crazy
How can I meet another nice guy like you? Continue reading Nine Muses – Sleepless Night (잠은 안오고 배는 고프고)


TAKE – One Spring Day (어느 봄날)

Walking while holding your hand, hugging you tight
Leaning on each other’s shoulders under the sunset
Looking at your smile, closer to sweet music
Listening to the sound of your breath as you fall asleep like a child
It all seems like yesterday

I’m walking and walking on the street we walked on a lot that spring
I’m looking and looking again at ourselves back then
I remember again and you come to me Continue reading TAKE – One Spring Day (어느 봄날)

AOORA (feat. Seri) – Smooth (스르륵)

I’ll smoothly go to you and smoothly hold you
Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up
My heart is pounding
Boom boom boom, I hear it, knock knock knock
Open up, fix me up, yes
My baby, baby, baby, baby

Ten to nine
Today, you’re my present again
This tight feeling will fill you up right now
This time is only allowed to me, I’ll trust you
Riding the perfume that turns me on
On your lips, bring this moment to me on this trapped night
The rhythm of your body fills this night
I’ll have you, there’s no charge and the jackpot of the night has opened Continue reading AOORA (feat. Seri) – Smooth (스르륵)

2NE1 – Baby I Miss You

Baby I miss you
I miss you
I still can’t express it but
Boy I miss you so much
I think of you all day
All I’m doing all day is
Thinking about you

You a young boy
I see you
I see you
I see me in you
Your actions make me smile
You’re a bad boy
But it’s ok, play that game boy
I can handle it

Continue reading 2NE1 – Baby I Miss You