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Junho (2PM) – Nobody Else

ayy(One time)
Every time (Our time)
Feels so right
No one can undermine us
Nobody else
(One time)
Every time (Our time)
Feels so right
You breathe inside of me
Nobody else Continue reading Junho (2PM) – Nobody Else


Junho (2PM) – Instant Love

When I look at you
It gets dark as if I blacked out

Even your unfocused eyes (no)
Your frowning face

It doesn’t match at all
From your bright smile from before
I won’t say this anymore
Because I don’t feel good about it
I don’t need you
Yeh check this out yo Continue reading Junho (2PM) – Instant Love

Junho (2PM) – Fine

On a simmer night
When the sky is filled with warm stars
Like an adolescent girl, you’re about to smile but you don’t
So you swallowed your smile and looked at me
When you first held out your hand
I was the happiest person in the world
You told me, “I hate how my hands are so big”
But to me, you were so small and pretty Continue reading Junho (2PM) – Fine

Junho (2PM) – Canvas

As they look at the sunset at dusk
People say how beautiful it is
I wonder what color it is
Because all I see are dots and lines
But when your hand touches, when I’m in your soft embrace
My heart races and I wonder if I was always this emotional
I didn’t know but suddenly, I’m colored with you
I close my eyes and go however you lead me Continue reading Junho (2PM) – Canvas