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ASTRO – Better With You (어느새 우리)

It’s been a while, I have something to tell you
It’s awkward but will you listen?
My feelings have obviously grown so big
But I was scared that you changed

When I lost your small hand
You don’t know how much I regretted it
What became clear while I was alone
Is that we would meet again Continue reading ASTRO – Better With You (어느새 우리)



The dark evening comes to us without fail
As we joke around, we walked for a while
Then it’s your house and we say good-bye
It’s always sad, I can’t just let you go today
I decided to be honest Continue reading ASTRO – Run


ASTRO – Butterfly

Hey girl, you’re more dazzling today
Hey girl, I can’t take my eyes off you
I looked at you from far away, I’ll call you and run to you
Without you noticing (oh girl)

I can’t believe it, you’re looking at me
What if all of this is a dream?
I can’t stay still, what if you disappear?
Sometimes, I get afraid, when I see you, I don’t really know Continue reading ASTRO – Butterfly


ASTRO – With You

All I wanna do is focus on you
You always run away so I was about to give up but
Hands on me yeah
your eyes on me yeah
Like you always did, push and pull me
You’re the prettiest when you look at me Continue reading ASTRO – With You