Beige – Traces (흔적) Hide and Seek OST Part 1

Following the cold wind
You’re blowing over tonight
I turn around and try to stop it
But my love keeps spreading

Without even knowing, I keep missing you
You seep into me like a dream
Now even when I close my eyes
I can’t erase you Continue reading “Beige – Traces (흔적) Hide and Seek OST Part 1”


Beige – Still Love (그래도 사랑이야) Marry Me Now OST Part 5

I try to erase the past
But I’m still at that place
I want to go closer to you
But I’m afraid we’ll never be able to come back

After a long day, I close my eyes
But I can still see you

Just one person, who can make my heart flutter
without knowing, you came to me and woke me up
Can love come to me again? I’m still scared
But still, this is love Continue reading “Beige – Still Love (그래도 사랑이야) Marry Me Now OST Part 5”