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PSY ft. Taeyang – LOVE

What we need is love
What we need is love

Tell me straight up, tell me this way
Good vs evil, light vs dark, just cuz it’s different from the majority
They say it’s wrong
When I was young, what the world taught me was order
Don’t be too forward, don’t be too aggressive
They said a nail that sticks out will be hit by a hammer Continue reading PSY ft. Taeyang – LOVE


Big Bang – FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)

No I don’t wanna go too fast
Cuz nothing really lasts
I think I need some time
But I can’t get you off my mind

For the first drink
I want the strongest
Please bartender
After I shoot it down
Everyone looks pretty
I’m drooling
these ladies so loyal
Then I saw you for the first time
geez girl love me tender Continue reading Big Bang – FXXK IT (에라 모르겠다)